Terlingua Dreams

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rebates/ Dad’s Car/ Irvin’s Twin

I think I am just a lost cause.  Why do I say that?  Because I always leave to the last possible minute everything I am supposed to do.  Back when I was in school, term papers and assignments were done just prior to, would put off studying for a test and would end up cramming all night for it and the list goes on and on.

Remember when I bought the Staple notebooks for .01 cent as well as printing paper?  True to form waited until today (the last day) to fill out the rebate form for the printing paper and of course I forgot my password so now I am going to have to wait six weeks for my rebate to arrive since it will have to be mailed instead. At this point in my life if I have not changed, I guess I never will (sigh).

We took dad’s old car for a spin to HEB.  Was loading up the groceries when a man started honking at me (we park in the handicap section).  I walked up to him and told him I had not finished putting my groceries in the car but that there was another parking space and pointed it out to him.  He said, “I do not want to park…I want to buy your car!”.  I told him the car was not for sale.

Guess he did not believe me, he parked and went to talk to my mother and asked her if she remember that he had tried to buy her car twelve years ago.  Why does everyone want to buy the car but never tender an offer?  Even though my mother would sell me first before selling her old cars jajajajaja :D

Turned on the TV to watch the news and fell asleep, took an almost two hour nap.  I guess I really needed the rest.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot…when we were inside the store I spotted a gentlemen that could have been Irvin’s double.  Who is Irvin you might ask?  He and his wife Betty are well known Terlingua residents.  I asked him if he was from Terlingua and he said “No, but I wish I was”.  He told me he was heading out that way soon.  I inquired if he was going to the cook-off; he said, “No, he had business to tend to in the area.”  I so wanted to take his picture but was embarrassed to ask!

This is Irvin and Betty

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. curious about the car...year/model...pic>?

    have a great trip, MsB

    1. Nothing special about the car. It is a 1982 Ford Fairmont.

      I wrote a post about it this past September titled New Mechanic/Busted gate.


  2. Land sakes MsB...Rebate for printer paper???? At first I were think'n you was gonna get a rebate on the .01 cents notebooks.

    1. Yes Billy Bob, the printer paper cost $6.99 less the mail-in-rebate of $4.99 it ended up costing $2.00.

      hehehe...so funny on the .01 cent notebook rebate :D

  3. Yeah,,same as bigfoot, on the car.


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