Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chicharras and Cats

The moats I made a couple of months back needed re-doing and today was probably going to be my last chance to get them done with less effort due to the ground still being soft from yesterday's rains. I did six but only two of them turned out decent.

I am paying the price for it tonight!  My arms, shoulders and back are aching and it hurts to lift a gallon milk jug...oh well...hopefully this will be the last yard work I attempt this season!

The rains finally gave me a break from having to water every night.  I usually can not get to this chore till after 10:00 p.m. and lately the chicharras have been going crazy.  If you have never heard the sound a chicharra makes...it is similar to that of a rattlesnake and it gives me the creeps.  Only reason I know it is not a rattlesnake is because it is high up on the trees...even though I guess a snake can climb trees too?

That is the main reason I do not run off the cats that congregate at mom's house to sleep and/or pass the time even though I do not particular care for the lovely scent they leave behind.

I named this one Annie
You have already met Waldo on prior posts
  Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.                                    


  1. May I assume that chicharras are the Spanish term for cicada?

    1. You assume correctly Dizzy. Even though in this area everyone calls them chicharras.

  2. You shoulda seen me unloading this huge watermelon a few days ago,,,I'm still paying the price too,,,lololol.
    My grandfather always said cats keep snakes away. Sure know they will point them out,,,by smell.

    1. Trouble you have family members who can help you unload. You should not try to do it yourself.

      I have always heard cats keep snakes away too, so when we moved out here to the bonnies we got some. One cat did get bit and died.

      You are right Trouble I think they stay away by the smell of cat urine because in actual confrontation...well the darn snake is always going to win :(


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