Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family Drama

We got some needed rain yesterday as well as today.  We are having Houston like humidity but I am not complaining and are very grateful for the liquid gold so needed in this part of the country.  It is sad to see all the flooding taking place out west as well as in Mexico.  Many people have lost practically all their patrimony.

In the mist of it all we are having some family drama.  It seems my cousin decided at the last minute to go to Acapulco for the weekend.  How a man that is always connected to the internet, gets constant alerts on his cell phone can overlook a hurricane on the Gulf of Mexico and a tropical storm in the Pacific is beyond me...surely there must be a woman involved!

I could care less about his personal life but his lack of judgement has made my poor uncle a nervous wreck as well as my mother.  In case you were not aware there is an emergency situation being lived in Mexico right now. With the exception of three states all of Mexico is practically underwater.  Acapulco has 40,000 tourists that can not leave the city because the highways are closed due to serious damage, boulders and/or landslides.  Air traffic has also been suspended because the airport is underwater. The Mexican army is bringing supplies to Acapulco and then transporting stranded tourists back to Mexico City where they can make connecting flights.

The problem is there is no way to get to the airport except walking for miles and many streets are impassible.  He was able to make a 30 second call to my uncle to let him know he was alright but had little food and water and no electricity.  Tonight he was able to contact him once more.  However he has no idea when he will be able to make it back home and so this preventable saga continues... :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. How can anyone be that stupid? He deserves to be stranded there.
    Your family isn't the only one with one like that,,,lol, we all have em.

    1. That is what I told my uncle and my mom...he deserves to be stranded maybe that will teach him a valuable lesson and he will think twice before doing it again.

      We are not talking about a young kid here but a 40 something year old man that should of know better.

    2. Meant to say "known better" rather than "know better"...sorry!

  2. Hurricane parties attract adventurous young men from afar.

    1. "Hurricane parties attract adventurous young men from afar."

      More like stupid men, who do not realize they are putting their life in jeopardy and causing undue stress on their loved ones.

      What the people in Acapulco and all over Mexico are living is a real tragedy but they have no choice as they live there and have nowhere else to go. He on the other hand put himself in that perilous situation.


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