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Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 2013 trip to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico

Mother asked me to take her to the beauty shop in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.  I always tell my readers that it is best to go to Mexico on a Monday or Tuesday but it seems like I do not follow my own advice!  Actually we are going to be busy next week so it had to be Friday or wait two weeks. If you have to go on a Friday try to go early.  Early in my book means before noon :D

Lucky me...I arrived when they were having another surprise ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) sting at the International bridge. Note that the officers this time are behind the toll booths unlike in my last trip.  This is their usual M.O. We were just waived through.

I tried to snap a picture after we crossed the toll booth so you could see all their vehicles and personnel but I was driving and could not focus on them, sorry...but I did get to take a lovely picture of my 2003 Spurs Championship banner :)

It pays to be the early bird.  No traffic going into Mexico.

This is Mexican customs and they are automated.  If you get a green light you just proceed such as we did.  If you get a red light a buzzer will sound and your vehicle will be searched.  Usually it is just a superficial search unless they send you to a second revision...that has never happened to me thus far.

As you exit customs you get a view of a plaza they built a couple of years ago.  Have no idea why they tore down so many buildings to get it built...it mainly sits empty during the day, have no knowledge how it is during the evening time.

Mexico celebrates its 203rd Independence on Sunday so there are going to be parties all weekend. They had a lot of flags flying all over the city.

Remember last time we came to the beauty shop we spent nearly three hours there?  Not this time...we were her first customers.  Her clients did not start arriving until she was almost done with me. Mom will probably kill me for posting her picture but here she is with Claudia her hairdresser and owner of the shop.

If you are ever in Ciudad Acuña I highly recommend her beauty salon.  She styles both men and women's hair and has excellent prices.

Last time I came to Ciudad Acuña was because I was running low on my medications.  I do not buy my medicine in regular pharmacies (there are hundreds here) but at Gutierrez (a grocery store chain) that has more affordable prices.  Unfortunately because of that they tend to sell out and I was only able to buy a 30 day supply.  Note:  American citizens can cross back a 3-months supply.

I like to shop in the Gutierrez that is located in the old part of town not the newer one that is north of the city were City Hall moved to and where the newer stores such as Bodegas Aurrera (owned by Wal-Mart) and Merco are located.  There does not seem to be as many people at this one and I always find a parking space in the handicap section.

If you ever grocery shop in Mexico you will note that the sackers in the morning and early afternoon are senior citizens and after two o'clock when school lets out it is young kids.  That is because it helps both the stores that do not have to hire extra employees and the seniors and kids that benefit from part time employment. In the States we would never consider tipping a sacker unless they helped us to our car.  However in Mexico they work solely for tips, so please do not forget to give them a little something. If they do a good job I give them $10.00 Mexican pesos...if they do a crappy job like the man today did, I give them $5.00 Mexican pesos.

This lady is a great sacker.  She is dressed in her Independence Day attire.
In the background is a cutout of Miguel Hidalgo known as the father
of Mexican Independence.

Two senior sackers also dressed for the occasion.

In case you forgot this is the store that sells the yummy cakes.  Again I was strong and resisted!

Mexican Independence cakes

Could not help but photograph the other yummy chocolate cakes....

The large cakes that I use to buy :(

Regular size cakes

 A sampling of dollar prices down Exchange Rate Alley:

Today I was in the market to buy pesos and got them at the rate of $12.55 Mexican pesos to $1.00 US Dollar.

Crossing back to the U.S. was a breeze with only two vehicles in front of me at Customs. ALL the traffic was headed south.  The lines to cross into Mexico were backed up to the toll booths. Wanted to take a picture but my camera was in my purse in the back seat...sorry! :(

Good night.  May you all have Terlngua Dreams.


  1. After I get back from my trip back East I'll head to Algodones, Mexico to check out a dentist there a co-worker recommended. I'll head down and look around before commiting. Your stories about heading into Mexico have helped me feel good about the trip. I've never been to Mexico. Or Canada, for that reason. I've lived close to both borders, just never made the effort to travel across either side before.

    1. I am glad my stories of crossing the border into Mexico have put you at ease.

      I have never crossed into Mexico except in Texas but I have read nothing but good things about Americans who head to Algodones, Mexico for dental treatment.

      Lots of retired RV bloggers prefer Algodones and the majority of the dentists there speak English which will be a big plus in your case.

      Do not forget to get your US Passport and or Passcard before you head south.

  2. You have a beautiful Mother. It was nice of you to take her to Mexico to get her hair done.

  3. Agree with the two before me, your Mom is just gorgeous!

    If you take after her in looks, you can definitely consider yourself a winner in the gene pool lottery.

    But you do realize, don't you, now that everybody in the blogosphere knows you mom's a looker, that she's likely to land that 'tall weathered cowboy" of yours before you do? ;-)

    Maybe you shouldn't feel too bad about that prospect, though.

    Because with your run of genetic good luck, the odds are pretty good she'll land a TWC with a hot single son who comes with a big air-conditioned barn for Walter. That is, if he ever comes home. [<--- I just checked at your other blog. Still no sign? :-( ]

    1. Leilani you always manage to make me laugh and that is a good thing! :D

      Never considered the possibility of landing a "tall weathered cowboy" for Mom and him having a hot single son...but I like the idea!

      Unfortunately, I am the spitting image of my dad :( But shhhhhh...don't tell anybody!

      As far as Walter is concerned, I think they must of sold him. I almost stopped by his house to ask but I guess I don't really want to know as I still hope against hope he will soon be back. I really miss my little guy :(

  4. I wish more people posted comments about their visits to Acuna. I go every two weeks and love the place.

    1. Hi Robert Decker! I wish more people would post too because it is a nice town and you sure do get a big bang for your money.

      I usually post about my monthly visits there. Thank you for commenting and for stopping by.

    2. Woot! ^Lookie here, Ms. B!^

      We've got a live one on the hook.

      [Man, that was fast, but what did I tell ya? Using your Mom as bait was very clever; now the local TWCs are coming out of the woodwork! Heh-heh.]

      Don't forget to ask him if either 1) he or 2) his single Tall Weathered Cowboy™ son or 3) his single TWC™ father or 4) single TWC™ ranch hand has any experience in putting up and taking down tents. ;-o

    3. jajajajaja...Leilani you are a hoot girl!

  5. Thanks for all the pictures of Acuna. I have been there but just on the main drag for dinner, beer and shopping. I did go to OJ last month and fill up my propane. I know my way around there and love going to the bakery as they have great bread cooked in a wood fired oven.

    1. I have only gone to Ojinaga, Chihuahua once pre 9/11 with Toni when we were at the cook-off.

      I was impressed with how big and clean the streets were and over-all how pretty the houses looked with their bright colors.

      Since she was driving we did not get to explore the city like I would have liked. We only made it to the pharmacy and the liquor store :D


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