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Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 2014 trip to Uvalde

Thursday we drove down to Uvalde, Texas a town 70 miles east of Del Rio to take my mother to her doctor's appointment. All this past week it has been in the 90's.  We had severe storm warnings and ominous skies but not a drop of rain fell either on our way there or back.

Border Patrol Check Point - Uvalde sector

The doctor my mother sees travels to Uvalde from San Antonio. While I would rather drive for an hour than the three it would take me to get San Antonio, the wait is long!  Her appointment was for 11:30 a.m. and there were others ahead of her who had been there since 8:30 a.m. but he did not arrive till noon.

Gas prices went down again which is always a good thing. Look at all the cloud coverage we had yesterday...but they just blew on by.

While HEB had this price on Veterans Memorial, it had $3.47 by the pumps.  However the going price was $3.42 around town.

My Federal Express package never made it.  Bargain Outfitters has this thing called Smartpost where if a package is small they turn it over to the local post office for delivery.  Problem is the post office does not deliver to mother's house that is why we have a P.O. Box.  They had my telephone number on the package and could have called but they sent it back as undeliverable.  It is a good thing the Chili Cook-off is still five months away!

Cyber Journal Note

Thursday May 8, 2014 they installed speed bumps on mother's street.  A bit too late for some cats and dogs including my late cat Bonnie Blue but maybe it will cut down on the speeding.


  1. Sorry to hear about your package not being delivered. I usually don't have any problems with delivery, but whenever possible I buy from somewhere local rather than online. I hate paying for delivery charges for one thing.

    1. I too would rather buy locally but in Del Rio we do not have much choice. These two items that I bought I have never seen in a store, perhaps Academy or another camping store would have them but alas would have to drive to San Antonio or San Angelo.

      One of the reasons I buy from Bargain Outfitters is that their shipping charges are reasonable unlike other online stores that really sock it to you in the S&H charges.

  2. I hate having an appointment and waiting for hours. The problem is, at one of my doctor's office, they put your name on a list as you come in and go off of that instead of when the appointment is. Think next time I will sign in and then go out and have a cup of coffee and do some shopping and then go back. Do you think that would work?


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