Terlingua Dreams

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 2014 trip to Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico

It seems like it has been ages since I have been to Ciudad Acuna.  My last trip was in March to see the doctor. Mother has been wanting me to take her to the beauty shop but between doctors appointments and out-of-town trips, it had not been possible until today.

We took off around 11:00 a.m. and while there was not a line going into Mexico...there was already a long line to cross to the United States.

Surprisingly we did not have to wait long at the beauty shop either. She was just finishing up with a client and had another who was having highlights done and was sitting waiting for it to develop? Have no idea if that is the proper term.

If you are a gentlemen and prefer to go to a barber shop they have those too.  For $35.00 pesos the equivalent of (35.00 divided by 12.52)...$2.80 US dollars you can get a haircut.

Most groceries stores have what has come to be called "Martes de Frutas y Verduras"  which translates to Tuesday of Fruits and Vegetables...we decided to go to Gutierrez and check out their specials.

With my CRS, I completely forgot that I did not have enough Mexican Pesos on me after paying the stylist.  The last time I was here, I used most of the Mexican currency I had buying my medications. Noticed that another Exchange House had joined the ranks. The window indicates that they buy your dollar for $12.52 and sell you dollars for $12.68 Mexican Pesos.

I guess I could of paid with US dollars but I do not like to do that.  Therefore we only bought a few items such as:  tomatoes, lettuce, onions, serranos, nopalitos (cactus), carrots, bananas, bolillos and sweet bread.

This man's little stand caught my attention or rather his shade set-up.  I would like to buy a canopy for my trip to Terlingua but I am not sure I would have room for it in my already cramped vehicle. Provided there was no wind, I could probably get by with this.

We had a twenty-five minute wait to cross back home and even in an air conditioned car it was pretty hot today.

That is why I felt sorry for these two dogs in the back of this pick-up.  Their owner had the air on but as soon as she got close to the inspection booth she cut it off and opened her windows.

I was under the impression that dogs or for that matter any animal...had to be restrained but apparently not as she crossed with no problems.

We came home, ate and I went and took a three hour nap.  I am still sleepy and hopefully can get a good night's rest.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. How many miles is the drive to Ciudad Acuna? With that kind of exchange rate and prices I'd be there just about every week! Do they change you a fee at the border? I've always wanted to go to Mexico but will probably never get there at this stage of the game.

    1. From my mother's house it is a ten minute drive provided there are no surprise ICE raids at the bridge or traffic such as was the case today. Mile wise I would say four or five miles.

      There are two International bridges in Del Rio the main one and one by Lake Amistad. They only charge you tolls in the main bridge $3.00 to cross to Mexico and $26.00 Mexican Pesos (about $2,00 US dollars) to cross back to the United States.

    2. Gypsy, Del Rio is a very favorite town of mine and I do not cross into Mexico. Nearly every person I have met in Del Rio has been very nice.

    3. Why thank you Barney...that is a very nice compliment for us Del Rioans.

  2. Love love them there pictures....but where the hell are all the people? Take pictures of people MsB.
    I'm with the OFM Barney, Del Rio is one my favorite towns. If'n I had me a frick'n passport, I would probly go across the bridge.....just to eat ya know. Dang I love Mexican food.

    1. Lol, Billy Bob there are people in the pictures. Two guys talking in the corner, guy getting a haircut, guy riding a bike by the candy store, the guy with his road side vendor stand.

      I just can't zoom in on them without asking their permission first and I was taking pictures as I was driving.

      Most of the restaurants that catered to american tourists are now closed. They could not stay in business after their main clientele quit going to Mexico. One of the most popular was Mrs. Crosby's.


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