Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Purple sage almost in bloom

Went to open the gate and noticed that almost overnight the purple sage had started to bloom. Unfortunately there was a strong wind blowing out of the ESE at 19 mph gusting to 28 mph and their pretty flowers were being shed fast.

Decided to drive to Lake Amistad where the sage puts on a spectacular show but was disappointed that either they had not bloomed yet or the winds which typically are more intense in that area had zapped them.

There was a strong breeze

Not too many people at my favorite campground Governors Landing, as a matter of fact only one couple in their VW bus was camped there.

Sure hope more people come down for the 4th of July weekend.  The lake has risen some with the recent rains and it was a very pretty green color.

For my friend...and you know who you are...decided to take these two pictures just for you :)

Stopped at Church's on the way back to try out their super spicy chicken that they have been advertising lately. My goodness it was NOT spicy at all...and it was dry...will not be wasting my money on that again!

It got to 98 degrees today 36.6 Celsius so waited until almost 7:00 p.m. to go to Walmart to pick up the things I need to make the homemade mosquito repellent.  I was going up and down the aisles looking for lavender oil and finally found a salesperson to help me.  She told me she had had a lot of inquiries lately about said oil but that Walmart does not carry it.  Asked me what I was going to use it for and told her.  Just then another lady asked for it too, lol.

Someone was kind enough to leave some
firewood for the next camper.
I will check out Walgreens in Uvalde the next time I am there. I would really like to make the mosquito repellent now as the mosquitoes have been quite unrelenting.

Had not reached 98 degrees yet when we were out and about.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. MsB (Ss) - I have used essential oils since '99. Unfortunately they are not easy to find. According to their website, Walgreens doesn't carry it in their stores, just sells it online. Try GNC in Del Rio - they should have it or could get it for you. If not, I would be happy to buy and mail you what you need. Your SPURSbrother in arms!

    1. I had not consideted GNC, good idea. I was thinking perhaps I could find some on our next trip to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.

      Thanks for the offer anyway SPURSbrother :)

  2. I haven't looked for that oil, so i'm glad you told me it's not to be found.
    My purple sage blooms out every time it rains,,, so beautiful. We've had wind too, making something pop real loud on my roof, think it's a tree limb.

    1. Trouble, I am thinking that mosquito recipe most of gone viral. Walmart should look into stocking it and cashing in.

      Hope the tree limb did not do any damage to your roof.

  3. I don't know that I've ever seen purple sage in bloom, but your pictures show it to be really pretty.

    1. Gypsy. about two years ago we had the best blooming season I have ever been privy to. I did a blog on it and posted pictures.

      However, you know me and computers...I ended up uploading my pictures to Photobucket twice and when I corrected the error it deleted the links to almost all of them.

      Did not realize it until months later and then it was too late to go back and upload all the pictures once more :-(


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