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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unsolicited job offer

I do not know why every time we have an appointment or we have to go out of town or just have to be at a particular place at a given time...I can not sleep the night before.

Such was the case last night.  I knew we had an appointment with the podiatrist today but I failed to write down the time and the clinic did not call to remind us which made me think that perhaps I had written the wrong date down.

Called first thing in the morning and confirmed we had said appointment. We arrived an hour early as is our custom, only to be told that the doctor was in surgery...he had four patients ahead of us and would we like to re-schedule? Would it have killed them to have called us before we came to the clinic?

Heck NO...I did not want to re-schedule...we would just wait!  I do not like this clinic and I do not like this doctor but he is the only game in town as my mother decided she no longer wants to go see the lady podiatrist in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico that she has been seeing for years.

This clinic is very busy not just with patients but with people coming in to get their prescriptions filled. This very well dressed senior citizen came and sat next to me and immediately struck a conversation. Very nice lady, very chatty, kind of like an aunt figure.

She asked me how long I had been a provider for the lady I was with.  I replied that I was not a provider and that the lady was not my client but my mother.  I told her that I am often confused for a provider since I like to wear scrubs as I feel comfortable wearing them.

She looked all around and then asked me if I spoke English...I replied that I did. She proceeded in English and in a very low voice to give me the low down on the doctors, the clinic and the prior podiatrists that just upped and left town.  Lol, I got all the scoop and then some...who needs to buy the local newspaper!  If that was not enough I even came away with a job offer which I had to politely decline but she made me take her name and telephone number anyway.

We had a three hour wait...but at least we were in Del Rio. We rushed home as it looked like we were going to be hit by a storm but by mom's house we only got a very fine misting.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. We are getting lots of rain here and I heard that there has been some street flooding in Houston. I bet my frogs in my swamp (which will probably be a lake when the rain quits) will be happy and singing tonight.

    1. Glad to hear the greater Houston area is getting precipitation. We unfortunately missed it but areas all around us got some precious liquid gold.

      I hope your swamp and its creatures are happy with all the rain :)

  2. Heck, the last 2 times i've been to see my new doc, it's taken over 2 hours, and nothing going on like you had.

    1. Del Rio is a small town and my mother's primary physician's office will call to let us know if he is running late so we do not come in and have an even longer wait time. I really like this kind of consideration.

      Her Uvalde doctor is a specialist and drives in from San Antonio so we are used to the long wait and quite frankly he is worth the wait.

      This doctor we went to see is not one of my favorites and from what I learned yesterday...not a favorite of many. He cancels appointments at the drop of a hat and has no consideration for his patients.

  3. It would be very difficult to have to accept the only specialist around rather than having a choice. I usually don't have much of a wait at any doctor or medical appointment, and if I did I'd look for someone else. Do the Mexican doctors and providers make you wait so long?

    1. I have heard you mention in your blog that you do not usually have a long wait when you go to your medical appointments. You are very fortunate. In Texas our waits are long even in a small town such as Del Rio.

      The lady podiatrist in Piedras Negras was very good at keeping waiting time to a minimum. We were also able to schedule appointments and be seen in a matter of days.

      The Mexican doctor I am currently seeing does not take appointments, he sees you in the order you arrive. Unfortunately he is very popular and I am not a morning person...so my wait is usually long.


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