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Saturday, October 4, 2014

I need to be more organized

I really need to do something about creating some sort of organization system.  I am tired of going from box to box, container to container and searching through Terlita (my camping van) like a mad woman.

Alejandra.tv on YouTube has great organizational tips but she has a spacious home. The cheapest option would be a shipping container but my mother will not let me put one on her property.  I own the lot next door but I would have to hire a bulldozer to clear it and then put up a fence to keep my stuff safe.  If I have to invest that much, I would rather go with another option.

So Belinda, why are you rehashing this once more?  I lost my purse in all this mess and had a terrible time of it.  The last time I saw it was when I went dress shopping Thursday...then again I went to other stores as well and with my CRS, I was not sure if I had left it somewhere or brought it in the house.

This purse is medium size and made of nylon.  Had seen them online but found them much cheaper at Marshalls and thought it would make a good desert purse.  I never carry cash on me much less my checkbook...wouldn't you know it, I was carrying both!  I was not worried about the credit cards as those can be immediately canceled.

I tore my room apart last night and again this morning. I am already an insomniac, last thing I needed was another reason not to be able to sleep. Even my blood pressure shot up. Early this morning I went to see if I had left it at any of the places I had been to...no luck.

Checked my balance online as well as my mother's (I was carrying her credit card as well) but everything looked normal.  I really did not want to have to cancel the credit cards and get a new checking account so tried once more to find the darn purse and there it was.  Since it is made of nylon it had slipped and fallen behind one of my containers...was I ever glad to see it!  However, it is NOT going to make the trip to the desert!

I want to thank all the readers that have sent e-mails with questions regarding the Chili Cook-off...I am far from being an expert on the subject but I will be glad to answer as best as I can.  I think I will answer some in a future post as it might help other readers that may have similar concerns.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I used to be so organized but for the past year or so it's all gone to hell! It's so frustrating!

    1. Back in what now seems like a past life, I used to be very organized in particular at work. Everyone would praise my organization skills.

      After they broke into my home in Houston I started bringing to Del Rio the few things they did not steal and then some. Now it has all gone to the dogs and I have no idea where anything is at.

  2. every so often I have to stop and take the time to straighten up my mess. I spent an hour today trying to find my hammer! this project has tools scattered all over the place and I spend more time hunting a tool than using it! My sympathies, I understand completely!

    1. I think you might have hit the nail in the head (pun intended)...stopping and straightening out ones mess.

      Your project is looking good. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That would drive me nuts, not knowing where things are. Guess that part of me is still there, the organization part.

    1. It does drive me nuts Trouble. However, I need a little more room to work with. When I lived at my own house I did not have this problem.

  4. You need some of these remote alarm key & gear finder thingies. They even have flat credit card sized ones you can stick in your wallet, too. Of course, you can't put them on everything, because then you'd be drowning in remotes and you'd need remote alarms for your remote alarms.

    But for the important stuff that always seems to wander off & squirrel itself away in the most unusual places like purses, wallets, keys or a camera bag, where you can cut down on the panicky searches and mad dashes back to stores to try to find stuff that's really only slipped behind a couch, they'd be good. And they'd also be good for certain people to put on things they might need quick access to on road trips if they travel with everything they own jammed up to the roof in their car. Not naming names, but... ;-)

    I once chased a garbage truck in a fit of panic, tears streaming down my face, all the way to the dump to try to rescue keys I thought I'd inadvertently thrown away. I had duplicate keys stashed around for most things, but this ring had a lot of security gate & magnetic access ID cards attached which I desperately needed.

    The garbage guys (oops, excuse me, Waste Management Technicians) were actually very nice & were going to let me look for it, too, but I realized 1) I'd never find my stupid keyring in that massive mountain of stinking stuff and 2) even if I did find it, I'd die of some horribly disfiguring disease from handling all that disgusting yuck and I don't think I'd need an access card to get into the cemetery.

    On the way home from the dump I remembered my Mom had given me a Sharper Image remote alarm gadget for my keyring as a Christmas stocking stuffer just a few months before. I found the remote, beeped it everywhere I could think of & miracle of miracles, I found my keys in the cargo hold of my (at the time) Xterra. I'd had them with me the whole time! Aargh! What an idiot I am!

    1. Leilaini - what a neat device, I had no idea something like this even existed! Beside myself, my uncle has this terrible habit of misplacing keys...this might be the perfect gift for his birthday and they are quite reasonably priced...thank you :)

      My goodness I can almost see you chasing the garbage truck! I thought I had thrown away my jewelry roll but I came to the same conclusion you did and decided to just mentally wave it good-bye. Though eventually (five years later) I was helping my mother clean the closet when all of a sudden there it was...patiently waiting to be found!


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