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Friday, October 10, 2014

More calm and collect but still hating on TWC

I am more calm and collect but I am still hating on TWC and I am not referring to my yet to meet Tall Weathered Cowboy!

Last night I decided to bypass the 800 number (1-800-222-5355) thus avoiding the language and/or hearing issues previously experienced.  I opted for Time Warner Cable's website and tried my luck with the Chat function.

I am glad I did as I chatted with a very nice lady named Audrey.  After looking at my records she determined that an error had been made in my account but that she could not fix it...I would have to call in the morning and speak to another department.

Sorry for going into detail but as you know this blog also serves as my Cyber Journal.

Called said department this morning and asked why I was scheduled for an appointment I never requested on Saturday.  Was told that it was because the first idiot girl I spoke to had signed me up (without my authorization) for 300 Channels, Turbo Internet and telephone service!!!  WTH?  I was about to loose it but Jaime the guy that was helping me was very nice and apologetic for this imbecile's mistake.

Was it really a mistake or did she want a fat commission?  If you need to call Time Warner Cable do NOT do it at midnight but if you must...if you get a girl named Gaby with a thick accent...hang the hell up!  I want the idiot fired or at least reprimanded...no wonder she never called me back! She custom designed a plan for me, but for her benefit.....grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

The best Jaime could do for me was Fat Basic Cable (their terminology not mine) and basic Internet for $85.93 before tax.

Was also given the option of removing the Fat Basic Cable and getting basic internet for $45.93 before tax.

I do not find either of these options viable but I told the guy I would have to discuss it with my family and I would get back with him.

Funny side note...I told Jaime I did not think I had Turbo internet because it was so darn slow...tonight it is the fastest it has ever been...coincidence?

Well, I wont bore you anymore with my first world problems but it is looking like I am  going to pull the plug on them.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I've been where you are at right now, but with DirecTV service. I think AT&T will probably try to raise my rates after a certain amount of time but so far I like their service. I won't have any qualms about pulling the plug on them however I would have to find another internet connection. I hope you can get your problems straightened out.

  2. If there are options & your present service has problems looking around is the smart thing to do.
    Once I had an issue with my phone service & tried to deal with it in a call, the female I talked to was no help at one point she told me if I didn't like it to go somewhere else, so I did (there were other options). A week later the first company called to ask why I'd left & I told them. The guy I talked to didn't sound happy about my 'reason' but I felt great that they asked and I could tell them their customer service "go somewhere else if you don't like this"! :-)

    1. At least you had the opportunity to tell them the reason why you left and that always make one feel better.

      I called to terminate my service this morning and this lady had me on the phone for 23 minutes trying to change my mind but offering no better deal and keeping me on hold the majority of the time.

      I told her about that first girl representative and she told me "to put that aside and we would start from zero"....jajajajaja...at least Shenika (her name) had a good sense of humor, lol :D

  3. I would so much prefer to talk to people in person. If not in person, then email, so I have copies of the transactions. What I hate worse about phone business is they put you on hold for long periods of time. I have been known to hang up if it takes too long.

    1. I have been known to hang up as well and that is what I should have done. However with this Gaby person, I do not think it would have made any difference...she would have probably signed me up regardless.

  4. This is outrageous. Even if you ditch Time Warner, you need to document what Gaby did in a complaint email to TW customer service. Really, they now owe YOU for the time you've spent rectifying problems their employee caused by fraudulently signing you up for services you didn't authorize. (What she did was no mistake and it is illegal.)

    Tell them that's why you are quitting Time Warner: their attempt to illegally defraud you was the straw that broke the camel's back on top of their attempts to gouge you with the exorbitant price increase.

    If it were I, I might even say I have reason to suspect that you were targeted because they are 'redlining" your area in Del Rio to try to scam more money out of unsophisticated Spanish speakers for illegally tacked-on services they wouldn't even be aware they were now paying for. After all, this sort of thing never happened in your high-income residential neighborhood in Houston, did it? Nope. So go ahead & make 'em nervous that somebody could later come after them to litigate for discrimination. They might even offer you a great deal to make you happy.

    And cc it on the bottom to lots of names (they don't have to even be real) so that the person reading it won't just throw it in the spam/delete pile for fear somebody else above him or her in a different dept. received it and will get mad they didn't pass it up the chain for review.

    Whether or not TWC knew their representative was pretending to be a non-fluent english speaker so she could commit fraud to boost her commissions is irrelevant, she is their authorized agent and they are responsible because they failed to properly supervise her & restrict her from engaging in these illegal actions which caused you hardship because now you have to find a more reasonably priced way to get online.

    But really, even if you don't try to make them squirm at the thought you're going to sue or at a minimum contact your congressman to complain about their behavior the way I would, TWC customer service & upper management really needs to be notified this happened in black & white. You need to do your part to ensure this doesn't happen to other people who might not be sophisticated enough to catch on to the fact they're being victimized by unethical TW agents/employees.

    If I were an exec at Time Warner (and before I committed hari-kari because I was stuck working for such a crappy company) I'd want to know if this stuff was going on so I could fix it. Wouldn't you?

    1. You make some very good points Leilani. When I think about it, I still get hot under the collar about Gaby and her illegal actions. Fortunately for her it took place in October the busiest month of the year for me.

      Getting ready for Terlingua is my number one priority but as soon as I get back and more or less settle on an internet provider I do plan on filing a complaint. Had not even considered contacting my congressman but if he is re-elected I will.

      That Gaby is a crook and she needs to be fired!!!

      Thanks again for all the good advice.


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