Terlingua Dreams

Monday, January 5, 2015

Our little town is growing

Today I had to take my mother to the hospital for the usual blood work.  It seems like no matter what time we go...morning, noon or afternoon there are massive amounts of people there.  You have to wait an eternity just to register and then an even longer wait for the blood draw.

I believe there is a State mandated test they have to perform on newborns within a short time after birth and every time we go there are so many babies waiting with their families to have it done. When did we have this population explosion?

No wheelchairs available either so mother had no choice but to use her walker.  She has a wheelchair but there is no way I can lift it in and out of the trunk.

Another sign our town is growing is that a CVS is being built.  This is our first national chain pharmacy.  Would have liked for it to have been a Walgreens but now that we go to Uvalde once a month, I can always shop there.

Another first, even though this bar-b-q chain has been here for a while, I just had never taken the time to check it out.  I finally made it to Rudy's, they are a friendly bunch of people.  They offered me a sample of the brisket and chicken.  Even though the chicken tasted delicious we are pretty tired of eating it and settled on the brisket.  Their potato salad was delicious as well.

Quit procrastinating...I am now officially enrolled to receive E-statements from my banking institution.  If all goes well, I may also decide to do the same with my utilities. I am drowning in paper and my stack of boxes keeps on growing :(

If memory serves me right, HEB was selling regular gasoline for $2.13 a gallon this afternoon which was much cheaper than Stripes who is our low price leader.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I haven't had brisket in ages, and now you have me hungry!

    1. Consider it payback for those delicious tamales you made and posted on your blog that left me salivating :-(

      Brisket is easy to obtain but homemade tamales at least among my circle of friends are only made during the Christmas holidays. There is no way they can compare to store bought ones.

    2. Better make another pot of caldo for when the arctic blast blows in tomorrow, Ss!

      And GSG tonite....TP is back.

      Stay warm!

    3. It's like you read my mind Sb. Thought of going into town today but it did not pan out. I have no other choice but to go tomorrow before the arctic blast arrives, as once again we are out of everything :-(

      Even with TP back we lost. Maybe it was a good thing Pop limited his minutes. Once again missing free throws and turning the ball over in the last seconds cost us the game.

  2. Mmmm. I like Rudy's too. I especially like that the quality of food is consistent between stores in the three different cities I stop in to eat there.(Houston on Louetta@ I-45, Austin on 360 in Westlake/Barton Creek Square & the original at Leon Springs/The Dominion in SA.) Kinda hard to make Barbecue consistently even in the same kitchen let alone with different chefs in different cities, but they manage to do it somehow. I like their 'extra moist brisket" the best. Try their creamed corn, too, Ms. B!

    1. Next time I go I will try the extra moist brisket...I don't recall seeing it in the menu but maybe I did not pay attention as it was my first time there. I did not see the creamed corn either, lol, guess I am blind :D

      Sometimes my friends or acquaintances ask where is a good place to eat in Del Rio and I am embarrassed to tell them that I have no idea. I seldom go out to eat. The only place my mother would go to was Luby's and they shut their doors a couple of years ago.


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