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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rain, hail, no electricity

The evening news was about to conclude when the lights went out around 10:25 p.m. last night.  If you have been reading me for a while you know that losing power for hours in particular in the sourthern part of Val Verde County is nothing unusual.

Del Rio does not have a local television station, we get our programming from San Antonio, Texas... 144 miles to the east of us.  Though they mentioned the possibility of heavy rain and hail in the western zone, that is a pretty broad area.

It had been raining but not heavily and there had been lighting and thunder but nothing out of the ordinary, at least not by mother's house to have triggered an electrical outage.  Thank goodness for my solar lights, we soon had lights in the living room, hall and bathroom (see mother my Terlingua gear can come in handy).

I wanted to write a new post but from past experience know that if the power goes out for more than an hour in particular at night, it is not going to get fixed until the following day.  Our home phones are wireless, so plugged in our old fashion landline phone which always works in situations like this. I went to my room and reluctantly tried to go to sleep.

Got up at six to give mother her medication and we were still without power.  Decided to go buy breakfast at Stripes, just to be on the safe side called, but no one answered.  For some reason decided to call HEB and their telephone went directly to their answering system.  That is when I concluded that perhaps the outage might be city wide.

This is when I thought perhaps having a smart phone might not be a bad idea, at least I could check the City of Del Rio Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CityofDelRio?nr.  This eveining I did so and found that all Verizon and 911 service went out as well...so I guess I do not need a smart phone after all.

Power finally came back on at 9:38 a.m. 11 hours and 13 minutes later.  It wasn't until I was watching the news at noon that I learned of the heavy hail that fell and all the damage it caused in town.

I looked at our local newspaper webpage and as usual...worthless!  Went to El Zocalo webpage and not only got pictures but also a video. No need to know Spanish, videos need no translation http://www.zocalo.com.mx/seccion/articulo/danos-severos-por-granizada-1456221887

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Around here, the high winds have knocked trees down on power lines and some people are out of power. A fellow called us tonight and told us that he was out of power. Now, it is turning cold. The extra warm weather we have been having has spoiled us. Now, the shock of cold weather hits home.

    1. I guess it is mother nature's way of reminding us that it is still winter.

  2. They said on the early morning news yesterday that Del Rio got hammered pretty good. Glad it turned out well. Sure is quiet when the lites go out.

    I rec'd a letter from ATT that my old flip phone will no longer work and I need to upgrade. I am one of the few people left I know that doesn't sit or even walk around with their nose buried in their cel phone. Guess I have no choice but to finally move to the 21st century (reluctantly). I refuse to live my life thru the phone - too much out there to experience, right?


    1. I love my Jitterbug phone, fairly inexpensive and is just what it says it is - a phone! That's all I need.

    2. Thanks, G - I'll check it out!

    3. That is ahame that AT&T will no longer be supporting your phone. There are very few people left that do not live their life through them. They miss everything that is happening around them, including looking after their kids.

      It is not just the younger generation, it is people of all ages.

  3. We had horrible wind, a little rain which we sooo needed, but no damage that i know of.

    1. We got very little rain at least in my part of town and that is what we really need.

      Glad you had no damage.


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