Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, March 19, 2016

You did good City of Del RIo

Had been following the severe weather in the area via the San Antonio stations newscasts. Batted down the hatches and put the car in the garage to prevent hail damage.

I was outside feeding the dogs when the phone rang.  When I came back inside, saw that there was a message.  It was an automated call from the City of Del Rio warning of a severe storm with hail. Referred me to the City's Facebook page as well as channel 34.  That was good and well but I do not have Time Warner Cable and Dish has nothing on Ch 34.

A short time later the city's sirens went off for a good while which I appreciated because being a stones throw from Mexico, if I do not go outside, I have no idea what country's sirens are going off. Thankfully, it did not amount to much but I liked the heads-up which we have never received in the past.  You did good City of Del Rio.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

Mother:  Belinda when did you become such a tomboy?

I heard mother in pain last night (Thursday) and rushed to her side.  She had leg cramps and when she saw me apologized for waking me up.  Told her I was not asleep but watching the Spurs game. She was confused as it was 2:00 a,m. and she thought the game was over hours ago.

Told her it was but I was watching the re-transmission...that is when she asked the above question...jajajaja!

I can hardly wait until this afternoon to watch what is sure to be a ratings grabber Spurs vs Golden State Warriors game.,

I do not care if the house is on fire or a tornado is headed this way.  I am turning off the phone, locking myself in my bedroom. icing down some Coors Light to watch my Spurs and forgetting the default world for the duration of the game.  Oh yeah...depending on the outcome, may watch the game again in re-transmission :)



  1. I'm glad you got the storm warning, and also for giving credit where it's due. So many times our cities let us down in many ways - water, pollution, etc., and it's nice to hear of one that is there to help the people.

    1. Had to give them credit they deserved it.

  2. I lost a coupla shingles and had some limbs in the yard but that's not too bad. Hailed pea-marble size for a while too. Could have been a lot worse as my "bones" were predicting more. Thank goodness!

    Will be watching with Coors' little cousin Keystone as I am under a strict budget! Hey, after the first 6 or 7 it doesn't matter, right? (JK)

    Enjoy the game, Ss!!! GSG !!! I hope they dominate throughout but it will probably be a nail-biter. Easy, stomach.

    1. Glad you did not have a lot of damage at your place.

      Nothing wrong with Coors Light little cousin Keystone. When the budget is tight I purchase their other cousin Natural Light. Charlie a chili cook-off friend taught me that there were only two types of beer...hot and hot :)

      It is going to be a nail biter and probably go into overtime but I see us coming out victorious.


    2. Dang I need to proof read, meant to say:

      there are only two types of beer...hot or cold...sorry!

    3. WHEW! Big win, Ss. Splash Bros only 2 for 16 on 3 pointers because SPURS D made each one difficult. GSG!!!

    4. First time in a long time that one game was worth all the hype.

      Would love to know the ratings this game garnished. Spurs defense was phenomenal.


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