Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Last night we had a thunderstorm, nothing out of the ordinary when DISH went out.  I was in the middle of finding out how much a camouflage metal container which was magnificently remodeled by the husband/wife team known as the Young Guns on "Texas Flip and Move" went for at auction. It was the perfect structure to have in Terlingua...it had an outdoor shower, a deck on the roof with strong railing and an enclosed garage for your ATV.

This afternoon I turned on the 5:00 p.m. news only to find that the series I watch on weekends was going to air then instead of at their usual time.  I had just checked the TV Guide this morning and there was no indication of the change.

Was watching the series when all of the sudden the TV went blank...uttered a few choice words about DISH...only to find out that this time it was not their fault...the power had gone out.  I was so pissed! It was 5:50 p,.m. perfect weather, blue skies, no wind.  If you have been reading for a while you know that this is a common occurrence in South Val Verde County.

My blood pressure started going through the roof as 7:00 p.m. neared and the electricity had not come back on.  Why?  because it was Game 1 of the Spurs vs Thunder series.  Looked everywhere for a radio but the only one I found uses like ten C-batteries of which I did not have a one.

Went to the garage but had to move the car to get a better signal.  Parked in the back, the front and finally the side of the house where I got a better reception. I had turned the outside light on so I could tell when the electricity came back on. It did so with about two minutes before the end of the second quarter.

I still have no idea why we lost power.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

I knew we would come out strong in the first game against the OKC Thunder but I never imagined what a great game we would have against them.  It was a smack down!

I can hardly wait until Monday!  My prediction is Spurs in six.



  1. Hi! Ms B. We have had a lot of power outages this year. The electric company is getting real creative with their excuses. I think the truth is the equipment is wore out and they are to cheap to upgrade. best of luck with your electricity and the Spurs.

    1. Since I do not purchase the local newspaper I have no idea what excuses the power company has been giving. It made me feel better when I learned that it was city wide and not just confined to our side out of town.

      Nice to read you Mr. Rat.

  2. I think it is so annoying when the power goes out - always at the worst possible time.

  3. Around here, with all the trees, it only takes one heavy limb to fall on the wires and we have an outage. During that last bad lightning storm we had with the gusty winds, I was surprised it stayed on.

    BTW, when it is heavily overcast with thick clouds, the signal from the satellite can't get through. It is not Dish's fault.

    1. I have not had a problem getting the Dish signal on heavily overcast days so far...but I do lose it with very little rain and/or wind activity.

      This afternoon it went out again. As much as I griped about Time Warner Cable I rarely had a loss of signal with them.

  4. As I type this at 5:45 PM Sunday, Del Rio is having another severe thunderstorm...we are supposed to get some later on. We've had 5 hailstorms in April and I'm sick of it. Not sick of the thunderstorm the SPURS put on OKC. GSG!!! Stay safe out west.

    1. It is now 8:20 p.m. and we have had two severe storms and of course lost the darn DISH signal so was not able to catch the news or weather but at least it came back on.

      You all sure have had your fair share of hail storms, you stay safe as well.

      Watching Game 7 between Pacers and Raptors, it is pretty good. Rooting for the Raptors and Cory Joseph.

    2. Agree with your SPURS in 6 prediction - lost tonite and will lose Friday then win the next 3 after that. Bad 1st qtr tonite but looked good after then didn't get the foul called last play. Oh well.....


    3. I was highly pissed, the announcer was highly pissed, the TNT announcer were in shock as they had never seen something like that in all their combined years of play!

      It reminded me of the GSW vs Rockets game where the bearded one shoved someone out of the way and they did not call it and the Rockets won by one.

      I guess the officials did not want the game to be decided by a foul call. We did have a chance after that but as hard as we tried we couldn't buy a bucket.

      I thought Ginobili was gracious in his exit interview and did not blame the officials...he is a better person than I am...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


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