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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nervous Anticipation

I apologize to my wonderful readers who left me comments that I was not able to answer until today. It may take me a while but I do respond.

With doctors appointments, labs, out-of-town trips, and the Spurs games I am a little behind.  I have had four months to write down my daily blood pressure readings but true to my procrastinating ways waited until this morning to even start that task.  Considering I go to the doctor tomorrow, I say I will either have a late night or an early morning nervous fit trying to gather my information.

Good night,  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

More than anything else I think I am a total nervous wreck in anticipation of tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors.  While I have high hopes we will defend our record of 40-0 at home, nothing would make them happier than to dash that.  Then again nothing would make us happier than to end their chase for the Bulls record.

If you happen to be a basketball fan...this is the game everyone hopes to be able to watch.  There is a lot at stake tonight for both teams,



  1. Hope its OK I post a pre-game and a post-game comment. I am sick and tired of hearing about the business-like approach to the regular season. The boys need to whup the tar outta those Dubyas just to show them they are not invincible PLUS to get a little revenge for the Thursday embarrassment. A seed of doubt if we meet them in the playoffs and let them have something to think about when they come into SA. Stephanie's Golden Warriors - pfffft!

    GO SPURS GO !!!!!!!

    1. It is most definitively OK to post a pre-game and post-game comment.

      You are the only other diehard SPURS fan that I know from my circle of acquaintances and friends :(

  2. Post-game : @#!!$%#!$!@@!!&!*!%!$!#!
    Well......maybe NEXT year.

    1. I agree with your post game comment. If you could have only heard what came out of my mouth during the second half.

      I was absolutely sick to my stomach an hour before game time, I just knew it was not going to go well for us. The first half was pretty even but we lost our way after that.

      Well, so much for reaching 40-0, will have to settle for 39-1 which is not shabby but I am still dissapointed. Maybe tomorrow I will see things differently.

    2. Tomorrow is now today and I got it all figgered out! SPURS tanked that game to make the Oakland boys think they're INVINCIBLE! HAHAHAHAHA! Just wait til the Western Conference Finals and a SPURS sweep!!!! GSG !!! Pinche Warriors.

    3. Stay safe and outta the severe weather, Ss. OKC tonite - formidable future foe in the playoffs! GSG!!!

    4. Lol Andy, I have heard a lot of hypothesis about that horrible loss but yours is the funniest...jajajajaja

      Our archrivals are no longer the Pinche Lakers...they have been officially replaced by...the Pinche Warriors. You need to have another T-shirt made.

      The weather was worst this past Sunday during the GSW game. I was afraid the electricity was going to go out as the city alarms were going off.

      Pop is playing all the starters in a meaningless game, when OKC does not have most of its starters. Even so OKC is ahead at this time with 3:24 left on the first quarter.

    5. Whew! Well a W is a W.

      Having some hail and heavy rain with more cells coming this way. Golf ball size real close. Need the rain though.

      Mavs tomorrow then playoffs with home court advantage = Go SPURS GO - start hitting those treys!

    6. I have been watching the news and seeing all the damage the hail has caused this evening in the San Antonio area. Hope you and other SA area bloggers did not suffer damage.

      I was totally pissed off as I was watching the game and sure there was some rain, lighting, and thunder but nothing like this past Sunday and all of a sudden DISH went out....grrrrr!!!

      Fortunalety the signal came back almost at the end of the third quarter. I can not believe we had to go into overtime to decide this game but like you mentioned a win is a win.

      GO SPURS GO!!!

    7. Congrats to Kawhi repeat DPOY.


    8. Indeed!

      A well deserved honor for this future super star. He was so humble in his acceptance just like he is in every aspect of his life.


  3. I don't think the world will fall apart because you haven't been taking your blood pressure every day. I find that if I am required to do something like that, I get obsessed and very stressed out. That alone would make my blood pressure rise. Good luck with the doctor's appointment, and don't let him intimidate you. After all, you are paying him and not the other way around.

    1. I have been good about taking my blood pressure daily. The problem is that I will usually write it down on a piece of paper and then set it aside.

      I have a lot of pieces of paper to bring together :(


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