Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I used to be so organized...

All my life I have always been complemented on my organizational skills in particular when I worked. This was in the pre-Internet and computer era.  If I needed an item or a file, I knew exactly where to locate it.  Likewise in my home.

You would think that would have carried over into my new life in Del Rio, but it hasn't. I think I have mentioned on various occasions how small Mom's house is.  In particular my bedroom with tons of boxes that I brought here after thieves broke in to my house in Houston.

Add C.R.S to the equation and I have no idea where anything is at.  I used to be so good about being ready for the Chili Cook-off.  Granted, I had a dedicated vehicle...Terlita...my camping van and except for loading the food and spirits at the last minute, I had everything in order and ready to go.

Where are you going with this Belinda?  Well, I have no idea where my tent is. Yes, I have multiple tents but I need my old three room tent as well as a smaller one along with my tent shower so I can spread out and save our camping spot.  I lost my prime piece of real estate in 2013 and I bowed that it would never happen again.

My Houston friends will not be there until mid-week of next week but I plan on being there in a couple of days.  If anyone is eyeing my camping spot they better make sure they beat me to it...grrrrr!!!

Plan on looking high and low for my tents tomorrow as well as my winter garments.  If you are "a virgin to this event" read my camping tips and do not assume the weather is always going to be mild.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams. I know I will, knowing that I shall soon be in my favorite place in the whole wide world  :)


  1. Good luck on the hunt for your hiding tent!

  2. It will be in the last place you look for it... someone had to say it. Yeah, I'm the same way. When asked now if I have something, I pause, then say 'yes, but I think it is in storage someplace.'

    1. I have stashes everywhere, including in the three non-working vehicles. At least I know they are not in Houston.

      I really need a storage shed.

    2. I am always looking for something I know I have, and learned to just stop thinking about it so hard. It isn't long until I remember where it is. You know those tents are there and they will turn up. How exciting to be preparing for this event, I hope it turns out to be one of the most memorable and enjoyable chili cook-offs you've ever been to! I'd love to be able to do something like that.

    3. Thank you Gypsy for your kind wishes.

  3. I kinda remember you had to set up the tent in your backyard because it had mildewed - so maybe if you can remember what you might have done with it after....

    Anyway, be safe with your travels and and stay and have the best chili-cookoff ever! Take lots of pics for us wishing we were there!

    1. The one that got mildewed is my Kodiak Canvas Tent and then I went and ruined it when I over did the bleach. I was never able to remove the upper pole and could only transport it the way it is now if I had a truck or my van.

      While I absolutely love that tent, it takes a lot of time and effort to pound in the 16 or so heavy duty stakes into the rocky ground. I like being self-sufficient but with my bad back I would require assistance and I do not want to do that to my friends.

      You can be sure I will take lots of pictures and cover the event for the people that do me the honor of reading my crazy blog.:D


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