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Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Midnight confessions...

It is a little past 5:15 a.m. and I am not sleepy.  Have been watching YouTube Videos for a couple of hours. Mostly of Juan Gabriel and Marc Anthony duets.

I have to admit that the death of Juan Gabriel has hit me hard.  The only other death in the celebrity world that has impacted me as much was when Princess Diana died.  There were others that I recall exactly where I was when I heard of their passing such as John Lennon, Selena, Celia Cruz, Barry White, Jenny Rivera. Diana Summers and Emilio.

Wednesday, September 28th marked one month of his passing and Spanish speaking networks were trying to out do each other with exclusive coverage.  I must admit that Univision beat all others with its exclusive interview with the unknown "love child" of Juan Gabriel.

I thought it was going to be a bunch of hog wash but only seconds into the interview you knew that was his biological son.  You did not even have to wait for the birth certificate he produced, e-mails his father sent him and pictures with Juan Gabriel.  It bears mentioning that he did not call the media...they found him and came calling to his door.

While I am deeply sadden by Juan Gabriel's passing, the appearance of this unknown up to now, biological son has made his fans very happy.  There are a lot of us that questioned the hastily manner in which he was cremated.  It all makes sense now after a forensic expert said that with his cremation it would be impossible to get a DNA sample.  However, there were other forms of proving he was his biological son.  I am sure Ivan Aguilera, the heir apparent, is not very happy about the up till now unknown existence of this son.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Sounds like a plot in a soap opera. . .

    1. It really is, every day something new comes to light.

  2. I, too, was devastated when Princess Diana died. So much love, so much potential - taken far too soon.

    1. I was in complete shock when she died. Up until this day I remember a reporter interviewing a middle age lady whose husband had buried many close relatives including a son and never shedding a tear...however he totally broke down when he heard of her passing.

      Like you mention, she left much too soon :(

  3. They can get DNA from a toothbrush, a cigarette butt, even a paper cup that the person drank out of. His family would have had to completely clean the house and get rid of him entirely. That's sad.

    I can shed a tear when someone I know personally dies, but a celebrity, nah. Maybe JFK was an exception, but I was very young then. I probably felt worse about Muhammed Ali dying than any singer I can think of, although anyone's death is a sad thing.

    1. The Colombian DNA expert they interviewed said the best sample of DNA could be derived from one of Juan Gabriel's brother's male sons and he had plenty of brothers and male cousins.

      His adopted sons as well as their uncle ransacked many of his properties (he had a lot of them) both in the US and Mexico. I am sure now to remove anything that one could use for a DNA sample as well as valuable objects.

      He came from very humble beginnings, the last of 10 children born to a man that soon after his birth went crazy and burnt down the crops of the whole town.

      The town elders in revenge banned his family from using their fertile lands for 10 years and basically drove his family out of town. His mother had no choice but to move to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua to work as a maid.

      At the age of three, she took him to some nuns who lost him within an hour of being placed there. He was taken in by a street beggar who painted a clown face on him to keep people from recognizing him but it also brought her a lot of money because people felt sorry for the little boy.

      At five years of age his mother took him to an orphanage even though he was not one and did not go visit him for years. She basically abandoned him. I would have personally hated my mother if she had done that. He being a better person than I, forgave her...but she never truly could bring herself to love him even after he bacame famous and as a gift bought her the house where she worked as a domestic servant for years.

      He was truly one of a kind and if you knew his personal life story and how much he suffered both mentally and physically and in spite of all odds made it in a "macho Mexican society" when he was gay...you too might shed a tear for him.

  4. Hi I wanted to ask you a question. I am interested in going to Mexico to get some dental work done, perhaps Acuna. Do you have any insight or recommendations on dentists etc.? I have been to Juarez in the past with no problems but that was 15 years ago haha!! Thanks so much for any information. Tonya

    1. Hi Tonya!

      Ciudad Acuna as well as most Mexican border towns have many well qualified and competent dentists who speak English and are located within a short distance of crossing the international bridge.

      I use my mother's dentist in Ciudad Acuna, Dr. J.A. Ortiz and I have sent several readers to him. He speaks perfect English as he attended schools in the United States.

      I do not have his business card handy but if you are interested you can drop me an e-mail at terlinguadreams@outlook.com

      Here is an old blog post of one of my visits to his office

      My mother used to see another dentist in Piedras Negras (across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas) but he retired about 15 years ago.

      Dr. Ortiz has a very busy practice and the majority of his clients are Americans. While there are many other dentists, this is the only one I have gone to.

  5. Belinda, thank you so much for the info. I will email you later if I have new questions, I'm sure I will haha!! Have a great day!


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