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Sunday, November 27, 2016

No help for Tammie or Oscar...:-(

Got a call at 12:09 p.m. from a lady with "Friends of Del Rio Animals" who apologized for not getting back to me sooner.  I am familiar with this organization as I had contacted them a couple of years back regarding Walter (the neighbor's horse) but had been informed at the time, that they only worked with cats and dogs.

Thought it strange that they called since I had contacted "A Pet's Wish" Rescue.  Have no idea if they are related or if the other organization forwarded my message to them. I once again explained the reason for my call and if they could be of assistance.

Sadly the only assistance I was offered was the name and telephone number of Roger Cerny who either heads or will head the Health Department for Val Verde County.  There are plans to finally open an animal shelter facility though who knows when that will be.  Just in case I lose his telephone number, I will write it on my blog 830-774-7569.

Aside from being given Mr. Cerny's telephone number, I was also given the phone numbers of two local veterinarians and the location of a new state of the art Animal Clinic that I could have easily found in the telephone book.

I asked if they loaned out crates so I could transport them...no, they do not. Their crates and animal traps are for small animals they rescue like feral cats and small dogs.  Surely they rescue regular and large size dogs?

Inquired about giving them aspirin and she told me that Walmart sells aspirins for dogs but cautioned about giving them aspirins for humans.

I told her that I was concerned about getting Tammie in the back seat...that is, if I was successful in getting her sedated.  She asked how much she weighed and I told her I had no idea, perhaps 40-45 lbs. This lady who does not even know me insisted that I could lift her!  How can she say that?  It is not like I'm on Facebook and post hundreds of selfies.  I have a bad back and have had one for over twenty years.

She suggested I enlist the help of my neighbors.  Told her I don't even speak to them. Her reply "this would be a good time to get to know them".

I ask myself, "What if I was not around for these strays, would they be destined to forever have those quills embedded in their faces, risking infection and possibly death?"  What good are animal rescue organizations if they are not willing to roll up their sleeves and help an animal in need?

Just by looking at their picture isn't the need obvious?  I am so disappointed but I vow to do everything in my power to help Tammie and Oscar.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. This whole thing is sad Ms Belinda & there are no easy answers.
    Keep in mind that we have a society that allows 40,000 humans to die every year because they can't afford health care.
    Good luck!

  2. Please send the picture to all your local animal agencies. I would even send a photo to Houston SPCA, and explain that this is what you are dealing with. I would have a photo printed of your header picture, and take it to show a couple of vets in the area. Is this what animal cruelty is all about? To let an animal suffer in this condition because it is in the wrong jurisdiction. It's a good thing I'm not there because I would end up in jail for disturbing the peace.

    An organization called Friends of Del Rio Animals should be shown this photo and see how "friends" they are. My blood is boiling over this.

    1. You make a very good point Gypsy. You have no idea how mentally and physically drained I am since this happened.

      I know "Friends of Del Rio Animals" as well as "A Pet's Wish" both have Facebook pages. I do not know how to navigate around that site much less be able to post a picture. However, if any readers out there want to post pictures of Tammie and Oscar or reference this blog, feel free to do so.

      I think both organizations mainly rescue cats and dogs within the city limits of Del Rio and put them up for adoption by posting their picture on their webpage.

      The lady I spoke with was a volunteer. I think they need to train their personnel better so they can differentiate what constitutes an animal in true need and be able to prioritize their response accordingly.

  3. Belinds, if there is any way you can put an aspirin into something the dog will accept and eat, do so and don't worry if it's for humans or not. You shouldn't have to go to Walmart to find dog aspirin. If that woman had any compassion at all she would offer to help you. Is there no vet in the area who could help ease the suffering this dog is going through?

    1. I have not had a chance to do a new post but I took Oscar to the vet in Mexico that I used to take my cat to. He is spending the night at their facility.

      I gave Tammie two aspirins this evening concealed in a hot dog and I hope to be able to take her to the same vet tomorrow.

  4. This is awful. I don't have a clue what to do since your county doesn't have resources for this.

    But I wonder if you could call a reporter at the Del Rio Times-Herald. Tell them you're desperate, you've run out of options & email them those photos - they're pretty dramatic.

    Then they could do a story to publicize these poor dogs' plight & maybe shame/cajole a local vet into coming out there to help you pro bono like Marvin Zindler would.

    (Can you just imagine him doing this story? "It's HELL to be a homeless dog in Val Verde County!")

    1. I wish we had an advocate like the late great Marvin Zindler in this area. Sadly, we do not.

      Our local newspaper The Del Rio News-Herald...how can I put this? Well, they report things from their point of view or the point of view of those in power. It is no wonder it sits on the stands unsold.

      If it was any other town that would be a viable option. I do thank you for your input though.

      Yes, I can imagine Marvin doing this story and he would have a lot of people listening. I would be willing to bet that a few vets from Houston would be willing to come to the rescue of my little strays.

  5. You might check with the local veterinary clinic and see if they can loan you crates, surely they have some. Perhaps someone there could offer assistance. I'm brainstorming.

    1. Thank you for your input 3Catahoulas. Oscar is in an Animal Clinic in Mexico tonight and I hope to take Tammie tomorrow.

  6. I'm still thinking about this and was also going to suggest you get the photos to your local newspaper as soon as possible. Any decent vet should at least give you some pills to ease their suffering, and I repeat that while it might not be a long term solution, I wouldn't hesitate to give adult aspirin to a dog in this condition. If I had anything stronger than aspirin I would try it. They need professional care and the fact that no animal organization in your area is willing to even give you the time of day is scandalous!

    1. Thank you for your concern Gypsy. I gave Tammie aspirin today and I hope to be able to take her to the vet in Mexico tomorrow.


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