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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Short update

Did you all get to see the super moon?  I bundled up Mom and we went outside to marvel at its beauty.  Too bad my camera does not take good night shots.  Would love to purchase a new point and shoot but have not done the required research.

Had to clean out the car as we had a doctor's appointment in San Antonio.  When going to the desert it helps to protect your upholstery with old sheets and towels. Less dirt and easier to deal with the campfire smell.  Need to make a trip to the laundromat soon!

Yesterday had to drive in heavy fog that lasted until pretty late in the morning.  Though we arrived on time, there were so many cars even on the top level of the garage that I had to wait around until somebody left.

While it may take a while to see the doctor, you usually are ushered right in for your lab work, that was not the case on this occasion. I asked the receptionist why there were so many people, she said they had taken in more patients.  That is not good news as this is an Oncology Center.

Took my tablet so I could put my time to good use but their Wi-fi connection is poor.  I did notice that they have added more electrical strips so people can charge their electronics, with as much time as we have to wait, that was a good idea.

We spent four hours there and with the new time change decided to hit the road and see how far I got before sunset. Considered getting a hotel room in Uvalde but with the added illumination from the super moon pressed on to Del Rio, but went 55 in a 70 m.p.h. zone just in case I had a deer encounter.

I will try to finish the last leg of my Chili Cook-off trip but I was hoping to get some pictures and a video from my Houston friends.  However, they are just as technologically challenged as I am but at least they have children and grandchildren who can show them the ropes unlike myself :-(

Since it is morning, I  can not wish you a good night and Terlingua Dreams, so have a great day instead.


  1. I feel so bad for you. No one should have to spend 4 hr waiting to see a doctor! If they take on new patients then they should increase their staff. Glad you made it back ok and that the super moon illuminated your way!

    1. This facility in San Antonio has a lot of doctors and personnel. In all fairness I do not know how many of those new patients came to see the same Oncologist that treats mother.

      Having the super moon light our way was an added bonus.

  2. That wait is criminal!! The night was much brighter, wasn't it. As per usual a full moon means no sleep for me. Ah well, guess I do sleep OK for the rest of the month so so shouldn't complain 😉

    1. Actually we have waited longer when he consulted in Uvalde, Texas (an hour from our home). San Antonio is a three hour drive from Del Rio but the wait much shorter except for yesterday.

      I loved the super moon pictures you posted on your blog. I guess we have the opposite problem...I suffer from insomnia...but for some reason can sleep during the full moon. Go figure!

  3. Hate going to doctor's. Need to go to get my thyroid meds renewed. Have a great Terlingua morning daydreams, you hear?

    1. I like that Dizzy..."Terlingua morning daydreams"...I may just have to borrow that one :)


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