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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Grocery run to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - México

While I have gone to Ciudad Acuña recently, the last real grocery run trip I made was back in March http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/2017/03/march-2017-trip-to-ciudad-acuna.html

I like to go on Tuesdays but Monday was the only day available as we have other appointments and commitments this week.On this trip, I headed to the north part of town where they have the larger or newer versions of the stores that are located in what is considered the central or downtown area.

I hit the four main stores...Bodegas Aurrera, Gutierrez, Merco, and Soriana. Took two ice chests and came away with enough groceries for a month. Not being Harvest Tuesday, I did not find any super bargains but the prices were reasonable and half of what it would cost in the USA.  Have to watch the budget after the unexpected cost to replace the A/C.

I have had a bottle of Kahlua for about 10 years and I finally finished it. Trying to keep cool, I have been having ice cream with a shot of Kahlua for dessert, it sure makes for a nice treat. Decided to splurge and purchased another bottle.

$147.00 pesos divided by an exchange rate of  $16.70 equals
$8.80 USD. then add $3.75 for Texas Liquor Tax
and a bottle ends up costing $12.55 USD

Dollar to Peso exchange rates continue to be stable.  Here are today's rates down Exchange Rate Alley:

You will have to click on this photo to enlarge it, as this was the most I could zoom in with my cheap camera...sorry!

I have often been asked if I fill up my car in Mexico, the answer is no. While they are an oil producing country they have to refine their product in American Refineries and is sold as Magnum with the price tag to match. The gasoline that is refined in Mexico is not very good. Mexicans with visas fill up in Del Rio, it's cheaper and they get a better product. Besides, it is sold in liters and the math would be horrible to process in my CRS mind!

I did not head into México until close to one o'clock and there were long lines going to the USA. I was afraid I would have to endure the same fate but by five o'clock those lines had diminished and I only had a two car wait.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Even though it wasn't your shopping day sounds like you did some good shopping and saved lots of money

  2. You are so lucky to be near the border and able to cross it whenever you feel like it. Which reminds me that I've been wanting to ask you about the dogs - Oscar and ?. I remember your account of taking them back and forth across the border to get veterinary care and wonder how they are doing.

    1. Oscar and Pedrito. The last time I saw Pedrito was Friday, Cinco de Mayo. After eating his supper he left and that was the last time I saw him.

      That only left Tammie and Oscar. Two weeks later Oscar quit coming around as well. The last dog I saw was Tammie with a bum foot coming to eat dinner by herself which in and of itself was odd since she was always with Oscar. That was in mid May and I have not seen them since.

      I only hope they found a good home and did not meet with foul play. I miss them very much :-(

  3. For you Ms Belinda, grocery shopping is an international adventure!

  4. going back n forth, do you need passport? i saw some security video feeds and no one was showing them.

    1. Security video feeds of Del Rio or Boquillas?

      An American citizen does not need a passport to enter Mexico but you need one to be allowed back into the United States. In Del Rio as soon as you get to the booth you are required to present your US passport or US passcard. If you are not an American citizen you need a passport from your country of origin plus a valid US Visa. If you are a legal resident then you have to present a valid green card.

      While they have to let you back in the country if you are an American citizen you will be taken into the US Customs building and interrogated and from what I hear it is not a pleasant experience apart from the fact that you will also be red tagged.

    2. ok, thx,was watching some show about the fence/wall, and drugs coming past. they showed couple ports of entry, mostly south east of you. Was wondering cause I had to re up my lic and the new ones have all the same info as required by passport application, original birth cert. ss card ect. and if ever married or divorced all court papers. kinda pain in arse, but went very quick here in deep south, (FL) after weeks of paperwork collection with certified stamps on them.


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