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Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 2017 trip to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - México

If you have been reading me for a while you know that when I go grocery shopping to Ciudad Acuña I like to go on Tuesdays as they have great one day specials. However, due to prior commitments we were unable to do so until this past Friday.

Mother eats a lot a fruit and yogurt and I eat a lot of salads and tomatoes.  While a 16 oz container of cut-up papaya, pineapple, melon or watermelon used to cost $2.50 at Walmart, they have gone up in price and even in HEB they now sell for $4.98 a container.

I bought some papaya and melon for a fraction of that and cubed it myself and that pretty much covered both the American ($3.75) and the Mexican ($1.59) depending on exchange rate tolls.

While the prices were not over the top bargains, they were reasonable and much lower than what I would have to pay here at home. Tomatoes were $10.90 a kilo (.28 cents a lb, bananas $12.90 (.33 cents a lb), serranos $20.90 (.54 cents a pound), lettuce $8.90 a head (.50 US cents).

$10.90 divided by an exchange rate of $17.60
equals .62 US cents divided by 2.2 lbs the equivalent
of a kilo brings the cost to .28 US cents a pound
Mother likes sweet bread, I bought her 8 pieces for a total of  $55.80 pesos ($3.17 USD).  Also bought 8 bolillos at $1.50 pesos a piece for a total of $12.00 pesos (.68 US cents)

All this was purchased at the downtown Gutierrez, the grocery store that I like because it has shade canopies to protect your vehicles from the harsh summer sun-rays. Actually, here in West Texas, it can get warm even during winter. Thus far this year we have had about two or three weeks of winter.


I spotted this neat van in the back section. It would make a great camping van.


I wanted to purchase some baked chicken as you could not beat the prices but mother looked at me and said chicken again?  Oh well, the things I have to do to keep mother happy.

One baked chicken $20 pesos = $1.14 USD
Three baked chickens $45 pesos =  $2.56 USD
I have been looking for Arriera hot sauce made by Costeña. The only place that carries the regular size is Aurrera (owned by Walmart) on the north part of the city.  Decided it was worth my while to drive there as I really enjoy eating it.

Glad we made the trip because they had a lot of $5 pesos (.28 cents), $10 pesos (.57 cents), $15 pesos (.85 cents) and $20 pesos ($1.14) specials.  Bought 12 small yogurt containers for $3.00 pesos each (.17 cents), large drinkable yogurt $36.00 pesos ($2.05 USD) for a six-pack.

Turkey hot dogs are expensive at HEB but in Mexico I can buy the extra large size that comes with 20 pieces for $23.90 ($1.36 USD) they gave me a choice of a free package of bacon or tofu sausage both of which I had to turn down as you can not bring pork back to US and tofu just did not sound appetizing to me.

I also scored the large size sugar-free gelatin for $6.90 a box (.39 cents), a 10-liter container of water for $20.00 ($1.14 USD), and a four pack double roll of toilet paper for $15.00 pesos (.85 cents), three rolls of paper towels for $20.00 pesos.

A package of turkey ham for $21.40 ($1.22 USD) and the regular size package of Oaxacan cheese for $28.00 pesos ($1.59 USD). Dishwashing liquid for $15.00 pesos.

These are some currency rates down Exchange Rate Alley in Ciudad Acuna.

The return home was a breeze there was no traffic what so ever as evidenced by this picture. The yellow paint on the barriers indicates you are still in Mexican territory.


When we got to American Customs I had to stop before proceeding as mother was trying to locate our passports. You will seldom see an empty lane as we did today. We got a very nice agent who send us on our way with a smile.

However, the lines to cross to Mexico were backed up to the Del Rio toll booths and beyond as they tell me happens on weekends.  The people that sell their wares were now selling to the people going to Mexico instead of the other way around when they sell to the folks heading back to the USA during weekdays.

I have been trying to make this post since Friday but I have to write my post on one computer and then go to my laptop to be able to upload pictures and I somehow lost some photos in between.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

If you are a fan of the Spurs or just plain like basketball this week has been a nail bitter.  The past three Spurs games have come down to the wire. Yesterday's game, as well as tonight's, went into overtime.

I knew my team would pull through tonight because the other team was young and not used to dealing with the pressure of putting away a team at crunch time.  I have to tip my hat off to them, they lead most of the game.  Though we were tired from playing a back-to-back.  I believe the Spurs arrived in San Antonio at 1:00 a.m. from New Orleans.

I so enjoyed watching both the GSW and the OKC Thunder lose their respective games on Thursday. I even gave up my telenovela to watch them and that is something I only do for my Spurs!

Monday should be equally exasperating when we meet the Rockets.

GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A great report on the bargains from Mexico, I just spend 59 cents a pound on bananas & a dollar a pound on tomatoes.
    I have to admit that I don't know anyone else who can quote the price on serrano peppers! The last peppers I bought were jalapenos & they were a dollar a pound, that was for the Superbowl...

    I do enjoy your trips into Mexico for the day to day shopping, thanks!

    1. My dad only ate serrano peppers because he said jalapeños did not have a consistent heat level, I would later find that to be true. I used to enjoy stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon but these darn high levels of cholesterol put an end to that.

      Glad you enjoy my Mexican shopping expeditions, it helps stay within the budget.

  2. My, my, my my........so possessive! And it was 2:00 AM when YOUR Spurs landed.

    I wish YOUR Spurs would start making their Free Throws and they wouldn't have to go into overtime. They're FREE for chrissake's! Oh well, GSG anyhow - hottest team in the league with 7 game winning streak.

    1. Ok, OUR Spurs...happy?

      The missed free throws were awful! You know your team is tired when even Kawhi can't make them.

      Do you have a bet going with your brother?

    2. Nope - I am a merciful feller.

    3. EXASPERATING! The NBA gave Kawhi a drug test after the game but that was random. Funny coincidence, tho.


    4. You merciful feller you, jajajajajaja! Did you at least rub it in?

      We were in your hometown so had not heard about the "random" drug test.

  3. I love to hear of your trips to Mexico, whether to shop, go to the vet, or whatever. I wish I lived closer to the border. I've only crossed the Can/US border and have always gotten been given so much flack by the US on the return.

    1. Prior to 9/11 there were no passport requirements for US citizens to enter the USA so a lot of people crossed for food, goods and services, etc. Since passports are not cheap in particular if you have a large family, many opted not to get them or if they did only for the parents.

      If the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is rescinded I think more people along the border will apply for a passport because the prices of a lot of things in particular fruits and vegetables is going to skyrocket.

      For people like myself who have no medical or dental insurance and are on a tight budget, the cost of an American passport is well worth the price.

  4. I agree about the prices at Walmart they are getting out of hand. And they aren't even that good anymore. You sure got some great buys.

    1. In my opinion Walmart lures you with some offers and once you are there you decide to finish your shopping list even if you could get that same item at a better price somewhere else.

      In Del Rio we do not have much of a choice. We only have Walmart and HEB (a large grocery store chain).

      I used the exchage rate of that particular day but in reality I got a better deal because I bought pesos when the rate was more favorable. I purchased them when it was 22 Mexican Pesos to 1 US Dollar.

  5. Thank you for your detailed Acuna report!

    1. You are most welcome Hachita. Thank you for commenting.


I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thank you.