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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 2017 trip to San Antonio - Updated

Woke up at 5:15 a.m. only to find that mother was already up and about.  In a way, it was good and in another not so great. I had told her I was going to set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. so I could jump in the shower and have time to bring the car around and load it up before waking her up.  In a perfect world, I had planned on leaving by 8:00 a.m. but since my life is far from it, we left at 8:20 a.m. and I did not get to eat breakfast.

My poor mother has been having so many eye issues. Not even when she had her back problems four years ago that required two surgeries did we go to San Angelo as often as we have been going to San Antonio to treat her eyes. This was supposed to be the last visit of her follow-up care after the cataract surgery she had back in February but the doctor wants to see her again in a couple of months.

There is a store in Del Rio that sells discounted Betty Boop stuff but all the larger sizes are the first to go. Have been wanting to stop at one of their San Antonio locations but to exit the freeway during rush hour traffic and then try to get back on has impeded that. Saw that they had a location on Fredericksburg Road close to the Medical Center and against all odds found it! Too bad they only had Extra Small and Small...I do not think I have been that size since I was in Elementary or Junior High...jajajajajaja :D

Not all was lost because, on the way back to South 410, I spotted a Target!!!  I LOVE TARGET!!! It was the Balcones Heights location that I came upon by accident a few years back. However, on that occasion took I-10 West by mistake and ended up close to Welfare, Texas. This time around I did not get lost. Loaded up on paper goods and could barely close the trunk. Think I am good for another six months. I even got a free five dollar store card with my purchase.

Uvalde, Texas once again had the lowest gasoline prices between Del Rio and San Antonio. The Stripes close to Walmart had regular unleaded for $2.03 per gallon. On our way back home Walmart had lowered their price to $2.01 per gallon.

I also stopped at the Derksen Portable building lot when I spotted a neat looking cabin that resembled a house. It had two large rooms and an entry way.  It did not have a price tag but I called the next day and I believe she said it sold for $17,995.00 or close to it...darn this CRS!

This is the back side, it was actually quite large.

May have to call back to verify the price and size.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

NBA Corner

All I can say is thank God the Finals are over and done with!  I had never dozed off in any Finals games like I did during the first two. I look forward to October when I can once again enjoy seeing my Spurs play.


  1. I really sympathize with you having to travel so far for medical services. I gripe if I have to go very far out of my neighborhood, so I try to stay within a 12 mile loop for anywhere I have to drive myself. I got mad at Target the last time I was there - they had so few registers open but lots of employees just standing around. Maybe they weren't all qualified to work at the registers, but it irritated me to see them just standing there while the few lines of customers were stretched back into the store.

    1. Unfortunately there are trade offs to living in small towns and the availability of specialists and good health care is one of them. For some reason today it seemed like it was a shorter trip than it actually was.

      In Del Rio we only have Super Walmart and I just hate going there. There are so many people and the aisles are way too small and cramped. I love the spaciousness and lack of masses at Target. With that said I think I would have probably have gotten irritated if employees were just standing around while there were long customer lines.

  2. Hi, Ss - last week I had to go to the medical center area to go get work done at the dental school (they were awesome) and had to deal with Floyd Curl, Medical Center Dr and Fredericksburg Rd - all equals STRESS! I feel for you driving there regularly.

    Heard on sportsradio today on my way home from the coast (hee hee) that LeBum playing for the SPURS may become a reality - he wants to play for Pop. Oh, brother.

    1. Driving in any part of San Antonio is stressful for me but I have no choice.

      Glad you got to spend some time on the coast. This is the first I hear of Lebron wanting to play for Pop. Most sports shows I watch say he will leave Cleveland after next season and have him headed to the Lakers.

  3. (Don't think I didn't see your comment "my" Spurs again.)

    1. Lol, you know I had to casually throw it in for good measure :D

  4. Another successful trip! That's enough isn't it?


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