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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trip to see the Veterinarian in México

One of Blanca's three kittens who happens to be her mini-me developed an eye infection.  I went online and was treating it accordingly but her eye was so swollen I decided to seek professional help.  Just like medical attention is cheaper so are veterinarian services in Mexico.

I am so glad I still have the Pet Taxi I bought for the last cat I owned back in 1992, it has more than paid for itself both with the cat and puppy strays (Tammie's brood).  I went back to Clinica Veterinaria Chavarria where I took Oscar and tried unsuccessfully to take Tammie to have the porcupine quills removed. Here is the link to that post if you care to read it  http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/search?q=porcupine+needles

As I mentioned on my last Mexico trip post the toll to cross into Mexico has gone up to $4.00 USD.

I was seen right away and I figured that I would spend in the neighborhood of $25.00 or $30.00 USD for antibiotic shots to bring down the infection but the vet said his eye was gone and he had to be operated to have it removed and prevent the infection from spreading throughout his system. So what could I do?  I left him to be operated that same day where he would have to be monitored for 24 hours before I could bring him home.

While I had her there I told the vet that I wanted to have her fixed. The kittens turned 11 weeks old last Saturday. He informed me that "she" was a "he" and in México, they do not fix cats or puppies until they are six months of age...bummer!

Went to pick him up yesterday afternoon and my goodness the place was jammed packed!  I would say the majority were American clients.  He and his staff are bilingual so nothing is lost in the translation.

Since he turned out to be a boy I changed his name to Paquito for his official paperwork. The vet showed me how to administer his medication and told me that he had to be kept indoors even if it was inside his Pet Taxi to prevent further complications. He ended banging up his nose against the door of the Pet Taxi wanting to get out.

The one I feel sorry for is Blanca she looked for him everywhere the day I took him and this morning I know she heard him crying as he was rather loud and probably wanted his momma.  He cried on and off last night but I was so tired, he really did not bother me.

Momma cat Blanca with Paquito her mini-me

Needless to say with an operation involved, medication and his kitty shots it ended costing me more than I originally budgeted for but at least my one-eyed cat will live a long and happy life.

My one-eyed Jack...Paquito :)

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Ms Belinda, a happy pet owner!

    1. I am not sure about "happy"...but what the heck after all the money I spent on him and will also have to spend on his mother...guess you could call me a "reticent" pet owner!

  2. You have a great heart MsBelinda, since I started reading your blog you have helped so many critters.

  3. It's been a while. Hope you are OK.

  4. Hope you are OK. It's been a while. Maybe HOT weather, huh.
    I hope that's all.

  5. Are you OK? It's been a while.

  6. Seems to long since we have heard from you. Hope you are OK.

    1. JudithK - Blogger has stopped sending automatic e-mail notifications of comments. I had no idea yours had gone to my Comment Moderation file until today.

      Thank you for your concern, it is appreciated.


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