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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ants, Poison Ivy and Cactus Rustling

The ants were right on schedule and hopefully so was I.  Last year they devoured large amounts of leaves and pretty much left many of the shade trees almost void of leaves.

Why do they not eat these horrible mesquite trees?  This is one of the many baby trees popping up everywhere on the property...yeah, even on top of rocks :-(

The Esperanza froze over but it is making a nice come back.

The bougainvillea is also coming back but unfortunately it is surrounded by poison ivy and other prickly plants. I have no idea who put this wired caged enclosure that I can not remove...must of been mother's worthless handyman.

Last year I was told to pour hot water on the poison ivy...I did in places where it was all by its lonesome but I can not do that where it has wrapped itself on pecan, shade trees and other plants. Again why doesn't it wrap itself around some horrible mesquite trees?

Pecan tree
Later in the afternoon I went to check on the red ants and was happy to see there was no movement.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.


Tffnguy of Terlingua or Bust fame http://terlinguabound.blogspot.com/2014/04/new-wife.html has a reader named Pablo who posted a note on his blog regarding Terlingua Cactus Rustling.  If anyone out there wants to come dig up our cactus drop me an e-mail at terlinguadreams@outlook.com and come dig to your heart's content.  They are free and I promise not to have you arrested :D

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. There may be some poison ivy in the pictures that you have posted but I can not see it. There may be a vine but I don't think it is poison ivy. If it is poison ivy then apply a glyphosate herbicide. That will have a far better chance of killing it than boiling water which may wilt the leaves but will also provide the moist soli that poison ivy demands

    1. Ed, there is a vine actually several vines in the pictures of a different variety. However, poison ivy is also present not just there but in many places on mother's property.

      Will have to look into glyphosate herbicide as this is the first time I have heard of it. The boiling water did nothing to it, not even mixed with salt and dishwashing soap :-(

  2. I think i agree with ed,, not poison ivy. I'm very allergic to it, so i do this,,, leaves of 3, let it be. lol. But, i don't get near anything viney.

    1. "leaves of 3, let it be"

      Very good advice, thank you.


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