Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Night Sky

Want to welcome Night*Sky to the blog roll.  She is restoring a rare 1970 American Leisure Time Industries Caboose travel trailer and writes about the journey to live in it full time.  You can check out her blog here http://nightskyandprairiewind.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your preference and feel free to comment to your heart's desire :-)


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! I recently started following your blog and a couple others relating to Terlingua as I'm thinking about buying a bit of land there so I have a base in the SW in the winter. Oh, and I'm actually a crazy single female who has never attempted anything like restoring an old train wreck of a travel trailer. LOL

    1. Ooops...my bad but I have corrected my error ((face blushing)). I am sorry for the mix-up but that makes what you are doing even more admirable.

      I wish I had building skills it would certainly come in handy right now but even more so when I finally make my move to Terlingua. I will be going solo unless I happen to meet a tall, weathered cowboy with a good back, computer, mechanical and building skills as well as an extensive background in off-grid living.

      With all my requirements I think I have a better chance of winning the lotto...jajajajaja :D

  2. Ooh, I like the idea of a tall, weathered cowboy, if you find one and he has a twin brother, please introduce me?! :^D
    Don't worry about the gender mix-up, I've been mistaken for a guy most of my adult life, ever since I cut my hair short, so I'm used to it, although I feel bad when I startle some poor woman in the ladies room. (It happens more often in the winter when I'm wearing jeans, my beat up old chore coat and a baseball cap. lol)

  3. Deal! If I am lucky enough to come across this tall order of a man and he has a brother I will certainly introduce him to you. If you happen to find your own tall, weathered cowboy and he has a sibling...don't forget about me either!


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