Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, April 10, 2014

We by-passed Spring

I sure do miss Spring...not Spring, Texas, though I do miss the Crawfish Festival...I mean the season.  Hey Billy Bob they have Zydeco and Cajun music and you don't have to drive all the way to Louisiana. http://texascrawfishfestival.com/

It has been miserably hot in the 90's, today we reached 94 degrees.  Needed to run several errands and passed on driving dad's old car...needed a car with air conditioning!  It is like we went from a few days of spring straight into summer.  Though I hear on Monday it will make a brief appearance.

Took out the big guns...my monster size Stripes mug.  NO, I do not fill it up with soda...I put ice water in it and it maintains it cold for quite a while better than that worthless Stanley thermos.

While going through our old glass containers...I came upon this old Orange Juice bottle and decided to keep it.  Remember them?  It must be at least 20 years old...probably more!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I wonder if we will ever see much of spring or autumn again. It seems to go from hot to cold and back to hot. Yes, I remember that old orange juice bottle!

    1. Gypsy you're up and around! Glad the surgery went well.

      You are right...not only do hardly ever see spring anymore...the same goes for autumn.

      Take care of yourself and thank you for coming by.

    2. Meant to say "not only do WE hardly ever see spring anymore".

      Need to read before I hit the publish button :(

  2. There is nothing that can quench a real thirst more than cold water.

  3. Hey,Ms,Belinda,Lived in Spring a few years ago but couldn't find a place to park at the Crayfish Festival...Lemon or lime makes that water go down much easier! Vada in Dublin,Tx.

    1. Vada back when I used to go to the Crawfish Festival it was a struggle to find parking...that was about the only bad thing about it.

      Gave up lemon, lime and vinegar years ago when my dentist told me it was affecting the enamel on my teeth.


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