Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Windy and 84 degrees

The wind was blowing pretty good and at some point the sky both to the north and then to the west looked menacing, so much so that I moved dad's old car out of the garage and put my car in there.  However, we did not get a drop of rain.

Ever since I got sick, I have been getting up later than usual...today I got up at 12:20 p.m. I suppose it is the medication that makes me sleepy which in my case is a good thing.  For those new to my blog I suffer from insomnia.

Wanted to apologize to my new readers as it appears some did not understand my post "Can you hear me sobbing?".  The reason I said I was sobbing is because I hate mesquite trees.  Seeing them bloom not only signifies the end of winter...it means they will soon start getting pods and then shedding them.  As many trees as mother has...I will have to be raking said pods for at least six months. I know they make great wood for bar-b-q, but unless you have to deal with all the work they entail...seeing them bloom is not a happy occasion.

This is what mesquites in bloom look like...oh yeah, and notice all the baby mesquites...and this is only a photo of the southern part of her property, we have LOTS more...lucky me :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I suppose that is the only tree that would do well down there. You could cut them down, take them to Houston the next time you go, and sell the wood for bar-b-que. You could make a fortune and get rid of your Mom's trees.

    1. That is the problem Dizzy...I don't own a saw and even if I owned one I would have no idea how to use it. I would also need a truck or some kind of vehicle with a hitch and also a trailer to haul the wood in...would never make enough to cover the doctor and hospital stay as I would for sure mess up my already bad back.

  2. One of the advantages of going full time was the absence of yard work. Do I miss it...no.


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