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Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspection Sticker / Game 1 of NBA Finals / Worthless Plumber

What is it about me and inspection stickers?  Last year I forgot and got pulled over...luckily was only issued a warning.  Yesterday (Thursday) we were on our way to Uvalde when I looked at the sticker and realized it had expired and the grace period ended that same day...oops!

We drove to Uvalde for mother's monthly appointment.  This time we only had to wait two and a half hours...then again we had to wait just as long when we saw her old Del Rio doctor.  All in all, I much prefer driving to Uvalde as mother and I like this new doctor in particular his bedside manner.

Well, yesterday was Game 1 of the NBA Finals and it did not disappoint.  I was beside myself with joy especially in the fourth quarter.  I just knew Danny Green would come through and he sure did in a big way!

I am not familiar with LeBron James other than he is considered the No. 1 Basketball player in the world and deservingly so...that is why I was very surprised that an athlete of his caliber and conditioning, cramped up so badly.  I hope he gets well soon because when we win the 2014 NBA Finals...I do not want people to say it was because LeBron was not 100 percent.  I still remember the 1999 Finals when we won our first championship and basically all the media wrote us off as a fluke and said we only won because it was a shortened season due to the player lockout.

First thing this morning (noon) I went off to get the car inspected, it is legal for another year. Stopped at Walmart since it was still early and learned that tonight is graduation night.

Yesterday mother placed a call to "her plumber" and he claimed to be at a funeral. Went online and there were no funerals or wakes scheduled for Thursday. Told mother he is a Spurs fan and I had seen him last year all decked out in his NBA jersey buying snacks at HEB so he was probably going to be watching the game. He asked her to call him back today.

She placed a call to him this afternoon and now he claimed to be with his sick grandfather at the nursing home...so who knows when the leak will be fixed!! Only reason I mention it, is because this is also my Cyber Journal.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I thought this was a nice collection of thoughts & happenings!

  2. Won't your mom let you call a different plumber? Her guy sounds like a lying soundrel!

    1. No Gypsy she wont. Since it is her house and she is footing the bill, I have no say so.

      She knows he has "no word" and he has had her waiting up to a month at one point, but she has used this worthless plumber for years.

      Last time we had a leak, I lucked out because he was out of town. I called a plumber of my choosing and gladly paid the bill.

      People my age are lucky if we still have our parents around, so I can';t help but smile when he says he was with his grandfather...could be but it is doubtful

  3. Who is paying for the plumber? If your Mother is paying him then bite your tongue and put up with 'her plumber'. If you are going to be paying to have the work done then call whoever you want and get the job done.

  4. You Mom's plumber must be related to the one I called. He came once and didn't fix the problem and didn't return to make it right like he said, so I called another plumber and he fixed it right. Then yesterday, the original plumber showed up. I told him it was too late, problem was fixed.

    1. Actually unlike her worthless handyman, jack of all trades and master of none...her plumber does know what he is doing. He has a full time job with a local plumbing company but does side jobs. He is always urging his church friends to call him as he needs the extra money. The problem is trying to get him to commit to a date and time.


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