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Sunday, June 8, 2014

My thoughts on Game 2 of the NBA Finals

It seems like weeks instead of days that we played Game 1 of the NBA finals. There was no doubt in my mind or anyone else's that LeBron James would come out blazing and seeking to redeem himself after the loss on Thursday.  I knew we would lose tonight but boy I sure hoped that I was wrong.

The game was so close and we had our chances but the two missed free throws by Parker after getting elbowed by Mario Chalmers followed by Duncan's unlikely miss of two more free throws came back to bite us.  Even then we had a chance but the Heat wanted this game badly and out played us the last nine seconds. Final score Heat 98 - Spurs 96.

This brings me to another topic...did your cable keep on cutting off tonight?  Key plays and the darn screen would go blank.  We have Time Warner Cable and as much as we pay for the standard basic package I expect to see a ball game without interruptions.  It did the same thing during Game 1 but not as much as tonight...grrrrr!!

I am still going with Spurs in 6.  I am emotionally and physically drained just from watching the game, so I am going to call it a night.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. It ain't gonna be easy but I am so glad we have game 7 in SA. Hopefully we don't need it. GO SPURS GO!

    1. I certainly hope you are right Andy.

  2. That's awful to have poor service just when you want it to be perfect. I'd sure let Time Warner get an earful!

    1. I called them on another issue today which I was hot under the collar about (will blog about it later) but with my CRS forgot to bring up the sub-par cable service during the game last night :-(


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