Terlingua Dreams

Monday, June 30, 2014

San Felipe Springs

I do not know how so many mosquitoes got in the house. I barely got any sleep swatting them until I finally turned on the ceiling fan in my room.  Found an online homemade solution to spray on myself, but need to go buy the ingredients. Will report back if it works.

Drove mother to our local hospital for her monthly labs. We went at noon to avoid the morning rush but to our surprise it was packed.  It took us over an hour just to get registered.

It got to 96 degrees (35 Celsius) today which for us is mild.  Since the hospital is close to several area parks decided to drive by. City workers were busy mowing and weed eating for the upcoming 4th of July festivities.

There were more people than the pictures show, mostly families swimming and having a picnic.

This is known as San Felipe Springs and it is where we get our local water supply.  As we were headed to another park we saw this beautiful lush pink crape myrtle and I just had to photograph it.

My neighbor in Houston said my own crepe myrtle was doing nicely...hope I can finally go home and see it for myself.

This park used to be known as State Park as it faces Highway 90 but now I think it is known as Star Park but don't quote me on it.

This is the calm before the storm as I am sure it will be packed on Friday.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Great pictures, especially the one of the crepe myrtle. It's hard to imagine that Del Rio is 96 degrees whereas Sacramento was a whopping 108 today!

  2. Wow Gypsy...108 is pretty warm for your part of the world. Bet you did not want to come down from those beautiful mountains you went camping to.

    When I saw that crepe myrtle I just had to take a picture though my cheap camera does not do it justice.

    Keep cool or come down to Del Rio for a dip in San Felipe Springs :)

  3. Nice pictures. Sure wish we had something like that around here. I guess the swimming hole is as close as it gets.

    1. Before we moved to Del Rio we used to live in Austin. Needless to say it was a cultural shock to move from the city to the desert. I learned to swim in Barton Springs and Deep Eddie and somehow San Felipe Springs made the transition a little more bearable.

      Since the decision to move to Terlingua is of my own choosing, I guess the swimming hole or the Rio Grande will be as close as I get too.

  4. My crepe myrtles have been outstanding this year, too.
    I have a recipe for that mosquito spray too, got it on facebook, but don't have the lavender? oil, or whatever, either.
    Our temps have been in mid 90s, but,,, that heat index up to 100.

    1. I guess the rains have been beneficial to all the trees. My recipe also calls for lavender oil and vanilla extract none of which I have. Hoping I can drive into town and pick some up. The mosquitoes are BAD around here :-(

  5. For the life of me, I can't understand why you want to come back to Houston. Why not just sell your Houston property and stay in Del Rio?

    1. Dizzy I have not been home in 16 months and even though the yard guy and a neighbor keep an eye on my property, the house needs to aired out, cleaned, etc. etc.

      I will eventually have to go back and get a job as I have not been working these past years. Good paying jobs are hard to come by in Del Rio. I would be very fortunate even with a college degree to land a minimum wage job.

      If I ever want to get to Terlingua while I can still get around, I need to have money to fund my move and Houston is the only place where I can do that.

    2. How about Odessa or Midland?

      225 miles Odessa to Terlingua
      245 miles Midland to Terlingua

      Both doable for weekend trips and jobs are there with high pay for most. Get your land in Terlingua, maybe a cabin from Ron and come down on weekends to work on it and play. Of course finding a place to stay in Odessa or Midland would be a bear. You'd probably want to sell your house in Houston.

      653 miles Houston to Terlingua

      Maybe a once a year trip to Terlingua?

      Just a thought.

    3. Like you say Tffnguy finding a place to live either in Midland or Odessa would be difficult and expensive especially with the oil boom and would negate the higher pay.

      In Houston I would not have to pay rent as my house is already paid for and prices for food, gas and utilities are still very reasonable.

      I will eventually have to sell my house but before I can do that I need to remodel and or repair many things so I can make a decent profit and help fund my retirement.


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