Terlingua Dreams

Monday, June 9, 2014


Every two or three years we inevitably get slammed by some unethical telecom company.  This time it was by New Century Telecom out of Alpharetta, Georgia. Called Verizon our monopoly telephone company in Del Rio and was told they only bill on their behalf.

I explained to her that we never contracted with this company or any other to be our long distance carrier because we don't use long distance.  Further explained that the last time we were slammed they had placed a notation to that effect on our file.  Was told they never had that option!!!  The hell they didn't....grrrrr!!!!  I even have a note to that effect in my Houston telephone where I used to get slammed as well.

Called those crooks at New Century Telecom and was told by a lady with a terrible Asian accent that she did not show mother's telephone as being a part of their network and that I would have to fax or mail them a copy of the telephone bill in order to issue a credit. That made hot under the collar, does she really think I have time to be mailing stuff and writing letters?  I gave her an ear full.

Remembered seeing a Time Warner Cable commercial where they had a bundle package special and gave them a call. As usual TWC only has these offers for NEW customer and the hell with the ones that have been with them as my parents have for 45 years.

The customer service lady was nice and civil and said that for $10.00 more than we are paying which is $75.97 a month we could add a telephone line with free long distance in the USA as well as free calls to Mexico.  Told her I would get back with her after I spoke to my mother about it.

Learned one thing though...do not turn off your home phone because it has to be active in order to be able to port it.

Have been on the telephone all day confirming appointments and reservations...but on my wonderful MagicJack Plus phone that I can use to call all over the continental US and Canada for a very small yearly fee and with great sound quality.  Who the heck needs Verizon or TWC!!

In case you are wondering...NO, mother's worthless plumber has not shown up yet. The ground is fairly saturated and is now ponding.  Been looking at YouTube videos and I think I can shut off the water at the meter before we leave for San Angelo.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Dang, you are having a rough time and I suppose to add insult to injury, the water company will charge you for all that water, regardless where the leak is. . . But maybe they are more into service than profit. Let's hope so.

    1. Dizzy, last time she had a ruptured water line she got a huge water bill. We went to talk to the City Water Dept and explained that she was not able to turn it off herself, all the neighbors were at work and the plumber got here as soon as he could. They pretty much said they understood but she still have to pay.

  2. Would your mother be too upset if you just called a plumber yourself and had him do the job? If I get to the point where I sit around waiting for a workman who doesn't show and has so many dumb excuses, I'd probably appreciate it if one of my kids took care of it. I might grumble though :-)

    1. Gypsy my mother would be livid if I called another plumber! She has always made it known that it is "her house" and she will hire whomever she pleases. Never mind that she knows he is going to take his sweet time.

      That is my pet peeve about some...not all religious organizations...instilling in their congregation to only hire church members. That would be good and well if they actually showed up to do the job.

      Even if mother were to allow me to call another plumber, it is unlikely he would show up today. I have a million and one things to do to get ready for our trip to San Angelo tomorrow. There is a high probability that after the doctor looks at her MRI she will have to undergo surgery the following day.

      That is why I was learning on YouTube how to turn off the water at the meter. I know it might seem easy to some but I have never had to do it. Where is my tall weather cowboy when I need him?

    2. SPURS snuck one out last nite. jajajajajajaja

    3. We sure did, it was a thing of beauty. Lets hope we can walk away with another victory tonight :-)


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