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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A month away :)

Yes, my dear friends...the Chili Cook-0ff is just a month away...maybe less if you arrive sooner or a few days more if you get there later.  I can feel it, I can taste it and soon I will experience it :)

Ordinarily at this time I remind you to start saving your milk jugs so you can bring them with you,,,,full, frozen or empty...your call.  If you are new to my blog, I go into detail as to why on the following posts.

CASI Chili Cook-off Questions - Part 1

CASI Chili Cook-off Questions - Part 2

This year I have added a new twist as I have been bringing empty laundry detergent bottles for two years now and found them to work great when you wash your hands and they waste little water...a very important factor in the desert.

I am not endorsing this particular brand but it is the one I use.  See that little red button?  You press it and the water comes out and as soon as you release it, the water is shut off. The plastic cap protects it from the dust and from bugs wanting a drink. These containers are sturdier than milk jugs.  Last year I had two takers but only one container.

BTW the wooden table holds them very nicely.  Have seen them hold up to six gallon containers.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. That is a great idea and would work with primitive camping, boondocking, etc. I'm looking forward to more posts about the chili cook-off. I read both the links you provided and think you did a very super job of letting folks know what to expect in the way of shelter, clothing and most importantly, water.

    1. I think the laundry detergent bottle would fit nicely into all the scenarios you mentioned in particular if you are camping with small children who tend to use more water to wash their hands.

      Glad you liked the links and found them useful.

  2. I have not found a shortage of water, wifi or food down there in my 40+ years of roaming. There is even one decent auto mechanic shop. My current situation may have me in the area towards the end of October. Be safe and stay cool.

    1. My advice is for the first time attendee Barney. One that would not be familiar with the area or how much in a way of provisions to bring.

      Bear in mind as I have mentioned on many occasions...there is a heavy law enforcement presence in the area...you can get pulled over for even a minor infraction. Not worth it to leave the cook-off grounds after Wednesday.

  3. Truly glad I read this before carting my jug to the landfill. I love ideas for re-use. My place needs a sign; "Hoarder's Heaven". Thank you, MsBelinda.

    1. You're welcome Sissy. Thank you for coming by :)


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