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Monday, September 15, 2014

Second September trip to Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico

Post for Tuesday September 9, 2014

Another out-of-date sequence post as I experienced computer problems last week. As you know I went to Ciudad Acuna on September 2nd. http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/2014/09/september-2014-trip-to-ciudad-acuna.html  I had a lot of errands to run but the most important one was to go see the doctor.

My Mexican doctor is very popular and the majority of his clients are from the US.  Being that it had been Labor Day weekend, many of his out-of-town patients had taken that opportunity and come to consult him. He had worked that weekend and unbeknownst to me decided to take a few days off, as was relayed to me by his receptionist.

I wasn't exactly happy about it since I had fasted and been super good at watching what I ate...but what could I do?  A return trip was in order but for the following week or September 9th to be exact.  Again I fasted and watched my diet so my labs would be half way decent.

Decorations for the upcoming 204th Independence
Day celebration were up all over the city.

When I got there, I noticed there were available parking spaces but did not give it much thought. You guess it...he wasn't there!!! He had decided to take some days off and would not be consulting till Friday and Saturday.  I do not go to Mexico on weekends let alone on national holidays. Mexico celebrates the anniversary of its 204th Independence on September 16th (sorry to disappoint those who thought it was Cinco de Mayo) but since it falls on a Tuesday this year...all the festivities were going to be held on the weekend.

Note to self:  invest in an International long distance card :(

My medication ran out at the end of August and I wanted to see how much it had helped. The good thing is that in Mexico you can go to a laboratory and order all the tests you want without a doctors order.  I had fasted twice and was not about to fast for a third time.  I even ate oatmeal...I HATE oatmeal...it looks like vomit, it has the consistency of vomit and though I have never tasted vomit...I am sure that is what it would taste like!

It takes four hours to get the results as I was not planning on a return trip specially not in these high temperatures.  So what can I do to kill four hours? Decided to go to Plaza Bella Mall...its main client is Bodegas Aurrera (owned by Walmart).

Saw this rather uncommon washer dryer combination.  I have never seen one like this before. It sells for $3190.00 Mexican pesos or $255.20 USD.

This is a Hisense washer/dryer combo
Not much information on the internet other
than it is Chinese...great price though.

Thought this pink washing machine was cute. It sold for $2429.00 Mexican pesos or $194.32 American dollars.

These small stoves would be perfect for a little cabin in Terlingua :)

$2.990.00 divided by $12.50 exchange rate equals $239.20 USD.

The big stores Gutierrez, Soriana, Bodegas Aurrera, Merco are located in the newer North part of the city where the maquiladoras and the new sub-divisions for the maquiladora workers are located.

The entrance to Ciudad Acuna is where the tourist district is and where businesses that cater to tourists are located, including my doctor's office and the laboratories. I somehow took a wrong turn and got lost for a while.  Not a big deal really got to see another part of the city I was not familiar with.

I liked the way they used this suspended canopy to shelter their car in the alley.

Picked up my labs and again in Mexico you can discuss your results with the laboratory personnel unlike in the US where they tell you to discuss it with your personal physician.

I was not too happy with the numbers, as a matter of fact I did better before I began taking all these medications. Will have to give it some real good thought as to what I plan to do but one thing for sure...no more statins for me!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I unfortunately have tasted vomit and eat oatmeal. Oatmeal is quite a bit better with a little milk and honey. It also does wonderful things for your cholesterol and blood sugar. As a grain it is one of nature's best foods. Add a spoonful of jelly or something to jazz it up some! It is real good for you! I'll mind my own business now! ha ha ha ha

    1. Only because I know it is good for my cholesterol and blood sugar is the reason I force myself to eat it :(

      Thanks for your input and I hope Mrs. Rat gets well soon.

  2. I like that round pink washing machine. BTW, I love oatmeal. I put butter, almond butter, and sweeten it with agave. Try that, and I bet you will enjoy the oatmeal a lot more, although plain is better for you.

    1. The pink washer is cute and inexpensive.

      I eat oatmeal plain so it will be more beneficial. I don't think anything can mask the horrible taste for me though.

  3. I will add my two cents worth about the oatmeal. I cant stand anything other than the old fashioned kind you have to cook on low heat for a while. Lots of sugar and some milk, and it's really good. I'm glad to hear you are considering going off the statins. There are so few people who really benefit by them, whereas a heart or vascular doctor wants to prescribe them to everyone. Oatmeal didn't lower my cholesterol much, and I ate it for years. Fish oil capsules were what brought my cholesterol down over a period of a few years, but the decrease was consistent over time.

    1. I have read so much about statins and like yourself think very few people are helped by them. The side effects are really not worth it, at least not for me.

      In my research I found that krill oil supplements are just as good if not better than fish oil supplements so I am going to give it a shot.


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