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Monday, March 16, 2015

Trip to the dentist in Ciudad Acuna

Last Thursday March 12th we made our way back to Mexico so mother could get a tooth pulled.  Remember back on Christmas day when she fell?  Well, she broke her tooth in half and it had been bothering her.

With the main road out of the subdivision closed for a month, it took us 35 minutes to get to Mexico when normally it would only take us five minutes.  Besides being an excellent dentist one of the reasons we go to him is that he has his own private parking and mother does not have to walk very far.

Having to run out to feed the parking meters is not fun.  On a positive note Ciudad Acuna did away with said meters recently and I am very happy they did as I have been on the receiving end of parking citations in the past (two).

Her tooth extraction cost $45.00 US dollars and it included the exam, X-rays, antibiotics and the actual extraction.  I have no idea what it would cost in the States as the last time I went to a dentist in the US was back when I lived in Houston and had dental insurance...a long time ago!

Usually I will pay in Mexican currency but as volatile as the exchange rates have been lately, I thought it best to pay in American dollars.

Would love to post some pictures but I am now using Internet Explorer the only browser that will allow me to go online and it is not compatible with Blogger.  I also apologize for the large gaps but again it is caused by having to use IE :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

No Spurs game tonight but I sure did enjoy watching Lebron get beat up by his former teammates :)


  1. I had a tooth extracted in Pagosa Springs, CO last June. Exam, x-ray, antibiotics and the actual pulling was a total of $408.

    Was at the dentist here in Sierra Vista, AZ yesterday for the more painful part of getting a crown. Or, perhaps the most painful part will be paying for it in a couple of weeks - probably $800-900.

  2. Wow, that was a very pricey extraction!

    I need to update this post to say the $45.00 included Exam, X-ray, antibiotics and the actual extraction but I am afraid with all the problems I am having with Blogger I might accidentally erase it.

  3. I use IE (Internet Explorer) all the time. I use it to write my blogs and am using it now to comment.

    1. Do you use it of your own choosing or because you can not use Chrome?

  4. Glad to hear that you have a good dentist across the border. Fortunately I found an excellent one close by who is also the dentist for Jeannie & her family. I get a family discount, but it's still a lot of money I pay.

    1. I think the important thing is that you and I found a dentist that we actually like.

      While price is a big part of it, I would be willing to pay more to be treated by a dentist I liked and had confidence in...but shhhhhhh...I would not want him to know that :)

  5. Since Dizzy hasn't the problem with IE, I wonder if your IE version is up to date? Google doesn't have much incentive to keep their products compatible with older versions, since they are trying to make everyone use their own browser.

    1. I have removed and reinstalled both IE and Chrome so many times this past month that I am willing to bet I have the latest version on both computers but only my little netbook works if you can actually call it that.

      I will either have to get it fixed by a professional or buy another one. Either way it is going to have to wait a while.


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