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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two year contract...

Here I am once again at the library.  If it is not the computer it is my lousy internet connection that only gives me two bars max at home.

I have always hated commitments or any kind and to think that I have to put up with this two year contract is eating away at me.  With tax, I am paying $71.00 and change for a one to two bars connection of 6 GB a month.

It is times like this that I miss Houston, where there is healthy competition and a ton of providers to choose from. Speaking of Houston my yard guy called me this morning.  He was approached by the neighbor across the street who wanted my telephone number and he was calling for permission to provide it to him.  Wonder what he wants?

It is officially two years since I have been home :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

A little let down after the great start we had against Dallas last night.  We will play them again Friday hopefully with better results.


  1. Like your header pic.
    Why are you paying on that service if they can't provide the goods?

    1. In Del Rio you do not have much choice, you either go with the monopoly that is Time Warner Cable which more than doubled my rate after the promotional period or you go with other worthless providers.

      I have had dial-up which actually was the best, Cricket, TWC and now an AT&T hotspot. In fairness it has a lot to do with our geographical location...we are next to Mexico and the towers are in the north part of the city not anywhere near where mother lives.

  2. Big cities have some advantages, but also does country living. I have the best of both worlds.

  3. I hope this neighbor wants to contact you because he has gathered evidence your other neighbor, the evil one, orchestrated the looting of your home!

    Trouble in Tx is right. If the internet provider isn't delivering on its end of the contract, don't you have recourse?

    1. Nothing would make me happier Leilani but I doubt it. He is the grandfather of the ex-drug dealer across the street and neither he nor his daughter did anything to stop the illegal activity or the block parties they constantly had.

      The only recourse I have is to buy out my contract but then I would in the same boat as before.

  4. Trouble and Leilani are right on. I'd call the provider and tell them you want to cancel the contract since they aren't fulfilling their part of it. I don't remember if you've looked into satellite connections - is that a possibility?

    1. Only recourse I have is to buy out my contract. Satellite connections are very expensive and they also require an antenna on the roof and my mother is not having any of that.

      I guess this worthless AT&T hotspot is better than nothing but it does get frustrating when in the middle of blogging it tells you that you are not connected to the internet :-(

  5. the way YOUR Spurs played against Dallas? They won't get outta the first round of playoffs. The way MY SPURS played last nite? Ring # 6 in June!

    (Hope you know I'm kiddin - well, not about #6!)

    GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My goodness it is like a roller coaster ride with YOUR SPURS! I am still not over the shock and humiliation of that "unmentionable game".

      Then we win a few, get our confidence back...then the game with Dallas happens...being a Spurs fan has never been easy :(

      I have always said that it is good thing I am not a betting woman or I would be poorer than I already am.

      I thought we had a chance against OKC but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would beat them by 39 points. I almost felt sorry for them...well, almost but not quite :)

      Lol, I know you are kidding and that like myself, you are a REAL Spurs fan...no ban wagon fans here!


    2. oops...meant bandwagon...that is what happens when you are a bad speller and can not access an online dictionary :(


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