Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring in February

Here it is not even half way into February and the temperatures are in the 80's.  The trees want to bloom, the weeds are staring to show their ugly selves and those horrible mesquites are springing to life...:(

Our shade tree
I really need to get it together and tackle the yard while it is still doable. How can the weeds be so green when it has not even rained?  God, I hate yard work!

Our weeds...:-(

Worst yet...those horrible mesquite trees!
We went to the Podiatrist and I was a bit taken back at how friendly he was. It did not take long to find out why. Turns out he is running for Congress, even passed out cards so we would vote for him, lol.

We got our water bill and it was horrible, guess I will have to stop procrastinating and call a plumber but I have to do it without my mother finding out or she will place a call to hers.  He did such a good job installing the cut-off valve that it doesn't even work!

I apologize as I have not had a chance to answer e-mails but I promise to do so this weekend.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

What can I say, I love MY Spurs!  Last night's game against Orlando was a nail biter but we got the win.


  1. I'm already getting sick of dealing weeds, but they are predicting more rain in about a week so I have to get started on pulling what's already there. Our 70 temperatures are just perfect for me - 80 is getting too "up there".

    1. At least you are having rain, we are a little behind in that department or the weeds would be worst.

      I would love to be in 70 degree temperatures but here in the arrid West Texas region we usually go from winter to summer. We have had two 90+ degree days in January :(


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