Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two trips to Mexico in one day

I barely slept last night thinking how I was going to get Oscar to get in the car.  I decided to take him to the veterinarian in Ciudad Acuña first as he is really in bad shape and at least he lets me get near him and I was able to place a collar on him and attach a leash to it.
His face is swollen and infected
I underestimated him, he did not wish to get in the car and instead took off on me.  I was only able to corner him because I got a hold of the leash.  I did my best to entice him to jump in the back seat but failed in my attempt.

He was not being cooperative
Decided to go to Ciudad Acuña anyway to seek the advice of Dr. Chavarria and/or his assistants.  His assistant sold me four pills of which I was supposed to administer two to each dog.  He told me to hide it in a hot dog and to keep a watchful eye on him as they take effect after twenty minutes.

This is as far as he got on my first attempt
It started working sooner and I noticed he wanted to go lay down by the pomegranate tree. This is his and Tammie's safe place as the cinder block fence and the other bushes protect them from predators. He was very drowsy but still fighting me.  I finally got him to the car and had to summon all my strength (which is not much) to get him in the back seat.  A few minutes later he was fast asleep and I drove back to Mexico.

The vet's assistant carried him from my car to the clinic for about a block.  They have a very busy practice and parking is scarce.  The vet told me that it was a good thing I brought him in because he was not doing well and the infection on his face had taken a toll on him.  He immediately injected him two antibiotics and another shot for the inflammation.

I was told that it would be in his best interest to have him spend the night, let the medication they administered a chance to work and tomorrow they would remove the quills.

I felt bad leaving him in an unfamiliar environment but had to remind myself that it was for his own well-being. So, my friends, Oscar is resting this evening in an Animal Clinic in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.

It all went well as there was hardly any traffic to cross into Mexico or the USA on both trips. Mexican customs did not even inquire about him.

Tomorrow I have to repeat the procedure with Tammie.  She is a bit more problematic given she does not like to have a human touch her.  I just hope she does not bite me!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. So glad to hear that Oscar is being cared for. I couldn't think of any way to have those dogs seen by someone who knew how to remove the quills.

    1. Thank you for your concern Kristine, it is appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your blog about this trip. I have been so concerned for both you and the dogs. Please keep us up to date on how Oscar does with the vet, and also if you are able to get Tammie across the border somehow. Now, the big questio is: what are you going to do with the dogs when they are back in the US in their old environment? You are truly a saint, Belinda, just like St. Francis who cared about the animals.

    1. I was so tired I was not able to do a post last night but I just made a new one.

      I guess I do not understand your question as to what I am going to do with the dogs once they are back home.

      No saint here Gypsy, just doing what any other person in the same circumstances as I would do.

  3. The best sign of a person being a good man or women is to watch how they treat animals. You, my friend, are a good person.

  4. Thank heavens you got him in to a vet. Our fingers are crossed you were able to get poor Tammie in today too.

    Yes, Gypsy & Dizzy-Dick, Ms B. truly does have a heart of gold.

    I, on the other hand, now have raging homicidal feelings towards porcupines. (Or would that be porcucidal?) They are awful beasts!

    1. That is pretty funny - the new word "porcucidal", that is. Not funny what they can do. I just can't imagine what the poor dogs felt like after going so long with the quills stuck into them. Hope Tammie is also across the border getting them removed.

    2. Leilani - I have to agree with Gypsy, "porcucidal" is pretty funny. I now share those same feelings with you!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get Oscar some help. Will you have trouble getting him home? I hope he learned his lesson about porcupines.

    1. Hi Martha!

      I must admit I was a little worried about bring him home since this time he was not going to be sedated. I am glad to report that he behaved so well. I was really proud of him.

      I too hope both of them have learned their lesson...do not think I could go through this again!


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