Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Strike one...

Post for Tuesday-November 29, 2016

Another sleepless night...if you do not suffer from insomnia, you have a lot to be thankful for!  I called the Animal Clinic around 11:00 a.m. to see if Oscar was ready to be picked up, they said he was.  Forgot to mention on my last post that I came to the conclusion that it was in his best interest to have him neutered and this was the ideal opportunity to do so.

Cut a hot dog in half and since I did not have an apple corer decided to improvise and use a potato peeler to carve a space inside the hot dog and place the two pills to sedate her.

I made sure she ate this and then watched from afar to see how she reacted. It was a good thing she decided to lay down by my car.  Fifteen minutes went by, then thirty and she was still not asleep. Decided to call the vet and he told me to wait at least another hour.  This darn dog has a high tolerance to sedatives.

 Oscar, on the other hand, was stumbling after fifteen minutes.  I watched her go to the garage to get under Terlita (my non-working camping van)...had to do something to get her attention so I grabbed another hot dog to get her to come back...it worked!

Then one of her sons from her last litter showed up and she started running and playing with him. All I could think was...why is she not passed out?  Decided to feed them both to see if with a full belly I could finally get her in the car.

Red - Tammie's son from her last litter in April 2016.

Not only was I unsuccessful at trying to place the same collar and leash I had put on Oscar but she kept on running away from me with no sign of being under sedation. After three hours I gave up and went to Mexico to pick up Oscar.

Oscar was happy to see me and he looked and smelled good as he had been bathed.  The assistant once more carried him and placed him in the back seat of my car.  He was quiet for a while but then sat up and I could feel his breath as he was trying to put his face close to the driver's seat.

We had a longer wait this time around to cross the border, about fifteen minutes.  The immigration officer asked what I was bringing back from Mexico and I replied: "my dog, I took him to the vet". Never asked me for his papers but that is not surprising as they never asked me for my late cat's papers either.

Closer to mom's house he got up to look out the window and actually got excited, I presume because he recognized where we were.  He really behaved well and was happy to be home.  I fed both him and Pedrito but Tammie was nowhere in sight.

Guess where I found her?  Passed out under Terlita...darn dog!!!

I asked the vet if there was something stronger I could administer Tammie to be able to get her in the vehicle.  He said only an injection which of course is not possible in her case as she will never let me come in physical contact with her.  I asked if he could up the dosage from two pills to three and he really did not want to but I finally convinced him.

However, he told me to give her a break and not bring her until Thursday.  I told him that was ideal since I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday and could not bring her anyway.

Please excuse me for not doing a post last night as I was overcome with tiredness.  Days of not sleeping finally caught up with me. I turned on the Spurs game and the next thing I knew, the game was over and we had lost.  It did not even bother me, turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

Tomorrow Thursday (actually today) I will make another attempt at getting her sedated. Wish me luck because if this fails, I do not have a plan B.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Good luck with catching your dog! It'll be worth it when they are both taken care of.

    1. I so look forward to getting this crazy dog caught so her suffering will be over...but she is an evasive one.

  2. I'm so glad you had Oscar neutered. He might eventually make a good pet, and I bet he would protect you with his life since he's beginning to trust you and you are probably the only human he's ever met who cares about him.

    Tammy is a real problem though. I hope things go well getting her into your car rather than in a space where you can't get to her. She's a wily oneA!

    1. Unlike Pedrito, Oscar is a very gentle and mild manner dog. Now that he is neutered and has his shots it might make it easier for him to find a forever home.

      You are right Tammie is a real problem. I have wanted to have her fixed for a very long time, not only for her well being but because her litters only add more strays to the neighborhood. I just wish she would trust me!

  3. you are doing good work, exhausting but good. Thank you.

    1. JudithK - I only wish I could get her to trust me so her suffering as well as mine would end.


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