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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't you just love relatives?

Many people seem to think that apart from my mother, uncle and one male cousin, I do not have other family members.  That could not be further from the truth.  My maternal grandparents had twelve children, two of which died in infancy.  That left ten kids.  Three never married and thus had no offspring. Three including my mother who only had one child. One who had three children and the remaining three who more than made up for the others.

While none of them live in Del Rio...they are scattered throughout Texas...the nation, and other countries.  Got a call last week from my cousin in Arizona.  Her first words were not...how is my aunt doing? What have you all been up to?...Nope, the first thing out of her mouth was..."Why aren't you on Facebook?"

Needless to say, she left me speechless!  I do not care to be part of any social media, it does not interest me.  Every time someone dies tragically or commits a crime, what is the first thing the media does? Go to their Facebook page and post their pictures. Not that I want to die tragically (who does?) or commit a crime but you get my drift.

I have a cousin who is a couple of days older than myself.  She came to Austin, Texas to live with us when she was nine years old and also made the move to Del Rio.  My parents have always considered her like a second daughter.  While she lives in Houston and I am listed in the phone book, she never called unless she needed something.

My mother had not heard from her in over two years.  We had an appointment yesterday and came home to find a message from her.  Her excuse for not calling?  She lost my mother's phone number! Is she for real? In this day and age of Internet and available information at our fingertips and she could not Google it?  We have had the same telephone number since she lived with us.

I guess CRS runs deep in my family tree.  I still remember our old Austin telephone number, trivial, I know...but I am quite proud of that...considering I don't remember more pertinent stuff.

Thank you for those e-mailing to inquire about Tammie and Oscar.  I have posted an update on the critters blog Walter's World http://mylittlewalter.blogspot.com/  or you can click on my cover picture and it will take you there.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I think families grow apart because they no longer stay in one area together. In my case, with 7 siblings, we are scattered all over, mostly near the West Coast, but still scattered. The only cousin I kept up with from time to time died of cancer. I never see the others. It's a shame when you think about how things used to be, but they aren't any more.

    One of my daughters-in-law is from a Portuguese family, and while they don't have the large families, I tell you she can name every aunt, uncle, and cousin she has, plus both her parents, plus her parents' in-laws, and so on. Many of them are spread out all over the world and she knows every single one. Families aren't like that so much these days, and I really admire the ones who are.

    1. I guess there are lots of reasons why families grow apart. I vividly recall my mother's neighbor three lots down being on her death bed but what worried her was not that she was dying but that she knew that once she was gone the family was going to drift apart.

      She said that her children would no longer get together for Mother's Day, her birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas mainly because her family made an effort to come to Del Rio on those dates to see her...how right she was!

      The daughter that took care of her lives there now. She says that the only way she keeps up with her siblings and their families is by seeing the pictures they post on Facebook.

  2. I got on facebook to see what my kids & grandkids are doing. FB sucks (IMO) but that's where the people went....

    1. Facebook does serve a purpose. The only cousin I am close to is the one that keeps up with what everyone is doing and then relays it to us.

  3. Yes, I love relatives. Why? Because I was an only child and sure did enjoy my cousins.

    1. I too am an only child...while I enjoy "some" of my cousins... there are other relatives I don't much care for.


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