Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday November 21, 2011

The day started out a little dreary and I almost believed the weatherman when he said today would be cloudy and rainy.  Should of known better, the sun came out and it was a beautiful and warm day.

We still have tons of mosquitoes and the worst part is that they are in the house.  I do not know how to get rid of them.  Does anyone know of a homemade remedy?  I cannot spray any chemicals because of mother’s allergies.

The day after I got back from Terlingua I started dad’s old car, and you guessed it…it does not want to start.  I take that back it has a new battery, it turns but it does not want to catch no matter how much I floor the accelerator.  Oh well, it will just have to wait until next year when I can find another mechanic.  It is shame since it was running so well but it does have to be started everyday or at least every other day.

Decided to brave the crowds and go to HEB (our only grocery store besides Super Wal-Mart) and try to pick up a couple of groceries to hold us over to next week.  Totally slipped my mind that today was a Mexican holiday so everyone was there shopping for turkeys. Turkeys are very expensive in Mexico and both HEB and Wal-Mart know this and advertise heavily in the mexican media to lure the mexican shoppers  during pre-Thanksgiving sales when they are on special here. They buy them for the traditional Christmas as well as New Year’s dinner.

The majority of people that  "know me" from the blogging world are aware that my culinary skills are non-existent.  If it does not come out of a can or a fast food joint, well then it is obviously not going to be served at my house.  But since I am at my mom’s house she does the cooking ( I know it’s shameful) so I decided to buy a small turkey this year and see how it goes.  YES, I am actually going to prepare it myself.  I may end up in the emergency room but at least I gave it a swirl :-)

Good night and may you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Sounds like an interesting experiment is about to take place.

  2. Lol, Joe and that's putting it mildly :D

  3. Try this simple recipe .

    1 turkey
    1 c. unpopped popcorn

    Thaw one bird and wash well. Place one cup of popcorn (unpopped) into cavity. Place in oven and cook until popcorn pops and blows the tail off the turkey.
    Then you know it's done. ( If it's done right it should blow the turkey out of the oven door)

  4. Ben, I know I don't know how to cook but even I know NOT to fall for your suggestion :)

  5. Honest to god MsB, that the way he cook. Stuffs hot dogs with pop corn, then boils 'em. Uh huh!!!


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