Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Riding around Del Rio

I was curious to see how many people were camping at the Amistad Recreational Area on this long 4th of July weekend, so off we went. The motels we passed on the way appeared full.

The first thing I noticed even before we got to the city limits, was the increased law enforcement presence and it was that way all the way to and from the lake. My first stop was at Diablo East Marina, was disappointed at seeing the low water levels but that did not keep people away, the parking lot was full. It must be fun to have a boat and take it for a spin. Would you believe I have never been on a boat at Lake Amistad?

Headed to my favorite campground Governors Landing and it was almost full, there were only two or three campsites available.  Most tents I saw were the regular nylon ones and with the gusty winds, I bet some will not make it through the weekend.

Governors Landing has a separate area for day use and it was packed to capacity.  I could not even find an available parking space so I could stop and take a couple of pictures.

Decided to head to San Pedro campground to photograph the Billy Bob tree and perhaps get him to leave a comment or at the very least get him to make a blog post...are you listening, Billy Bob? I am sure I am not the only one that misses you :-(

What would be my surprise but to find that the campground was closed!  Don't ask me why...I don't buy the local paper...so I have no idea.

We went to several area parks along San Felipe Creek and people were out in droves.  They were bar-b-qing, swimming, tubing, listening to music and generally having a good time.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. An out & about report, a fine way to spend part of a Saturday!

  2. Hordes of folks here in Rockport also. Thanks for the report and pictures.

  3. I wish I felt like going somewhere and having fun on a long holiday weekend, but I don't. I hope all the fun in my life isn't behind me! Great photos, by the way.

    1. The 4th of July and New Year's are two holiday's I dread because people go overboard with the firecrackers and the booze.

      While fireworks are not permitted in the city they are in the county and the neighbors go crazy popping them. This year with all the rains I am not as worried as in prior years when we were in a drought that the weeds will catch on fire but I am still vigilant.

      Wish I had been able to take more pictures in particular in the Amistad Recreational Area, maybe next year.

  4. I guess I've said before that I'm in love with San Felipe Springs & its creek & plan to stop in & find it the next time I'm driving out that way just because of all your pictures, but your photo of the people tubing looks soooo refreshing right now in the hottest part of the day here.

    Admit it, you'd miss that leafy little paradise if you moved over to parched & treeless Terlingua, wouldn't you?

    It shouldn't be very complicated to change the name of your blog to San Felipe Dreams. Just saying. ;-)

    1. San Felipe Creek and Springs are one of the best kept secrets in Del Rio and few people outside of locals get to bask in its waters. I hope you get to enjoy them when you pass by Del Rio.

      When you are twelve years old and are forced to move from a beautiful and thriving city that Austin has always been to a small border town with nothing to do, it can be overwhelming. The only thing that saved my sanity at the time was swimming in San Felipe Creek which reminded me of Barton Springs in a smaller scale.

      I do not think I would miss the greenery or the trees because they require mowing, watering, and pruning which spells "yard work" a chore I hate to do.

      Besides Del Rio has grown too much and there is no longer peace and quiet at least not where mother lives. I long for the solitude and tranquility that I have only found in the Chihuahuan desert that I so love, but of course only in the fall and winter months. You are not going to find this gal in 118 degrees temperatures in Terlingua during the summer.

    2. Yes! It does remind me of Barton Springs, too. My own youthful memories swimming there (well, mostly just laying out on a towel & mustering the courage to jump in, to be more accurate) is probably why I am so drawn to San Felipe, come to think of it. Is it as icy cold as Barton SPrings? (Brrrrrrr!)

      Maybe you need to get an RV instead of a Dirksen so you can chase the comfortable temps. I was just reading where the Oasis of my Soul guy Ara bought a house somewhere in NM in what I think might be the ideal spot after selling his place in Terlingua.

      I'm just guessing his location because he didn't say, but if I'm right the desert is nearby but so also is an alpine mountain village 8600+ feet up. Less than 30 minutes up the road from boiling cactus to cool pines. Sounds pretty wonderful.

    3. Dang, I just wrote a long reply, hit preview and my comment disappeared. Blogger, I strongly dislike you!

      While cool, the waters at San Felipe Creek are no where near as icy cold as Barton Springs. You just brought back memories of exactly that...mustering the courage to jump in...even in the hottest of days!

      I had no idea that Ara had sold his desert oasis as it has been a while since I have read his blog. Wow, I never thought he would leave Terlingua.

      I have considered an RV versus a Derkensen portable building but only time and money will lead me to hopefully make the right decision down the road.

      P.S. I am not going to hit Preview just Publish so excuse my typos.

  5. Love your header pictures that water looks so good. Nice little ride around you had.

    1. I must admit I was a bit envious of the people on the header picture almost made me want to jump in and join them :)

  6. I hear ya on skipping Preview. The comment-thieving gremlins on this platform have hit me more times than I can count so I never begrudge anyone their un-Previewed typos on Blogger comments. Everyone gets a free pass on Blogger as far as I'm concerned.

    Ara had to have a couple of major surgeries & it was difficult being so isolated from a full-service medical center & getting to physical therapy & follow-up visits.

    Also, speaking of thieves, some slimeball neighbor trespassed & stole his expensive solar set-up (& he seems to know who did it) so I imagine he never felt comfortable out there after that. You can empathize with that feeling of being violated & not being able to trust your neighbors, I'm sure.

    It's sad because he loved that gorgeous land & documented it so beautifully with his photography, but it sounds like he's found a great spot amid the amenities of civilization that also offers plenty of opportunities to explore a lot of radically different landscapes nearby without dumping $$$ into his camper's gas tank.

    I wish it were in Texas. I might be tempted myself when the day finally comes I can do that. For the life of me, I don't understand why I feel so attached to this state, I'm not even from here originally! But I think maybe where we were in our teens & learned to drive & especially went to college really does imprint on our psyches.

    Crossing my fingers I don't lose this. ;-(

  7. "The comment-thieving gremlins on this platform"...jajajajaja...that is a great description! When it happens I start copying and pasting my answers but fall victim to my laziness as I grow confident again and then those comment-thieving gremlins hit me once more :(

    Thank you for getting me up-to-date on Ara and his situation. I know there has been an increase in robberies, murders and other kinds of crimes in the area.

    Have a great 4th of July.


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