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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Early trip to town

Got up early and was out the door before even the cats caught on and could chase after me. My first stop was the post office where thankfully I did not have a lot of mail. The little I had was from those darn house flippers who are never going to leave me alone.  The sign on the post office door asking you to wear a mask has been removed, I suppose another one will go up soon?

I have to mention that my new telephone system that blocks Robo, as well as nuisance calls, is working great. It has only rung three calls through...one from my CPA, my doctor's office, and one from a house flipper and they all went to my answering machine. I have since blocked the flipper and she will never be able to call me again!

I needed to buy my prepared salads and did so. On the news, it shows that the price of food, as well as other items, have gone up but here at our local HEB prices have remained the same and if they have gone up it has only been a very modest increase. For example, my salads went from $2.98 to $3.08 something I can live with.

Milk, eggs, and bread, or at least the brands I use (HEB brands) have remained the same. Because of my high cholesterol, I buy 1% Low Fat Milk.

All types of milk go for $2.68 a gallon. In this picture whole milk. I would be interested to know what you pay in your city.

Tomato prices remain the same...

No, JudithK, I am not trolling you :-D  Regular avocados .78 cents each.

Jumbo avocados are $2.25 each.

Gasoline went down .02 cents to $2.739 for unleaded gasoline and $2.929 for diesel.

Today we had a high of 104 degrees with a heat index of 112 degrees (in the county, not the city). I was looking at my calendar and noticed that Halloween is exactly three months away.  I am usually in Terlingua on that day. I sure hope everyone gets vaccinated so they can hold the event...I really need a vacation!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid Saying of the Day



  1. I don't buy milk as I usually end up throughing away. I hate waste. As for other groceries I have still been ordering some things from Walmart but have started to buy produce at Safeway it is always nice a fresh.

    1. Love the jokes and of course Auntie Acid

    2. I hate waste too but I love milk! Walmart does not deliver so if I have to go pick it up I might as well go inside and purchase what I need.

      When I lived in Houston I would shop at Safeway but they left town...they may have moved out of the state altogether.

      Glad you liked the jokes and Aunty Acid.

  2. In Western New York (Buffalo Rural Area). Half gallon of Skim Milk is $2.99, and a gallon of Gas is $2.19 a gallon.

    1. Razor, your price for Skim Milk is high, but I envy your gasoline prices.

  3. We have been using Lactose Free Milk for years and have no Cholesterol problems but here it costs $5.65 per Half Gallon.
    Glad you are finding ways to deal with unwanted calls.
    Stay Safe in the heat and Enjoy the good life.

    It's about time.

    1. Oh my goodness...$5.65 for half a gallon of lactose-free milk...that's highway robbery!!!

      I am so pleased with my new telephone system I wish I had bought it sooner. It has certainly helped keep my high blood pressure in check as I hate dealing with flippers and nuisance callers.

  4. What's interesting is that the avocado prices here for the smaller ones have gone down to the same as yours, (well, a penny more) and also for the BIG ones. I paid that awful price you may remember because I was desperate some time back. Quality overall seems to be better in very recent weeks. So I'm good!!
    Our gas is about 10 cents a gallon higher than yours. I don't drive much, so I don't really get too bent out of shape. Now if I ever decide to take a trip....
    Hope you've cooled off. We've got some new air and a tiny bit of rain, so it was 88 today and humid, rather than the 100 we had yesterday. Hope you get some cooler air from this....
    Which reminds me, I am embarrassed to say I was confusing Del Rio with Presidio in terms of the hottest places in TX. I think we corresponded about that months, or maybe even years ago. Time passes and I don't have a clue.
    I did like the "don't run into anyone you know" on the grocery list. I've taken to going in my house shoes since I'm old. The checker just said, don't worry, you're not in your pajamas yet.

    1. Anytime I see avocados for some reason I think of you :-)
      We got a lot of rain this morning, and the temperature only reached a high of 89 which for August is unheard of.

      I believe you once wrote that since you were a child Del Rio was always the hotspot in Texas. I countered that when I lived in Houston the daily hotspot was Lajitas but after a while, they quit mentioning it since probably no one had ever heard of it and Laredo took its place. Though with my CRS it could have been another reader.

      Wearing house shoes to the grocery store is no big deal I have seen ladies in their house robes or is it called housecoats? Like the ladies in the first banner.

    2. Ha. Well, at least we both remember the conversation about where the hottest place was!!
      And the checker who reassured me about houseshoes said a lot of younger people do come in their pjs. So if life gets more casual, I'm good with that.
      Glad you got some rain and an unheard of August temp!

    3. Hope you are doing OK. We have been getting rain today, and more tonight they say. Also hope it does not come to you with bad storms...none here.
      And another "hope" is that you post again soon and are OK..

    4. JudithK - I have mentioned before that I have nothing to blog about that would NOT be repetitive, boring, or political, which does not contribute to a good reading experience for my blog followers.

      I fail to see why you always correlate my lack of posting to being ill...nothing could be further from the truth.

  5. Your prices there sound wonderful. I don't know why but I am always interested in grocery prices iother locations, plus, I like to see what other people purchase. A gallon of 2% milk here is $3.89. A small avocado is $1.50 and large are $3.00. Those little cherry tomatoes are $7.59 per basket. I paid $1.29 for a small bell pepper. A pkg of tortillas was $3.99 for twenty. No cheap grub here. I am like you about milk.
    Gas is $3.22. I use the next grade up for my gas guzzling hot rod truck and it is $3.46. Due to the high price of groceries, I usually qualify for a twenty cent discount at Safeway gas.
    I am glad to hear your new phone system is working so well.
    We had a tiny bit of rain today and cooler temperatures. I am more than ready for some fall weather.
    Love all your jokes and that cat eating salad is hilarious.
    I see on YouTube where a lot of grocery stores are quietly closing. You are lucky to have HEB there planning ahead.
    Stay safe, dry and warm my friend.

    1. I must admit I did not always think the prices at HEB in Del Rio were low but then again I was comparing them to Houston prices which are very competitive.

      There is a store called Joe V's which debuted in Houston about eleven years ago, they are a discount grocery store owned by HEB which offers fabulous buys or at least they did when I lived there. The only downside is that they only take cash or debit cards. I seldom if ever carry cash with me and I don't believe in debit cards.

      I too like to see what people buy and what they cost in different parts of the nation or in other countries. You certainly pay a high price for your food but you also live in one of the most beautiful and least populated states in the USA.

      We had some nice rains this morning and we have the possibility of a daily shower until Friday. We will only be in the '90s which is a nice respite since next week they will once again go back to the usual triple digits.

      Glad you enjoyed the jokes. I welcome anything or anyone that makes me laugh.

  6. I envy any of you who are fortunate enough to have rain falling. We are in such a drought, and fires are burning about 35 miles and out from Sacramento,so the sky is a bit hazy. I hope you all stay safe.

    1. Every time I see the drought report and the wildfires, I think of you and my other friends who live in California. I sincerely hope things get better for your state and that you get some much-needed rain soon.

  7. You've been awfully quiet lately.... all okay?

    1. I have been "sparing" my readers of one of my political rants. Right now, I am not happy with what is going on in our country on many fronts.

      When I once again have something "normal" to write about without injecting politics into the equation...I will blog again.

  8. Alot of folks aren't happy with what's going on now, but that's who we voted in. Build Back Better-!!

    1. There are a lot of things going on in our nation. If you are referring to Afghanistan...there are FOUR administrations that share that blame. While President Biden is responsible for the current chaos at the Afghan airport the prior administration in particular Stephen Miller the architect of all the cruel immigration policy under Trump stymied the efforts to give the interpreters and other people that helped us visas under a special category that was created just for them. Why did he do that? Because he is a racist and was afraid of the "browning" of America.

      I am NOT excusing the current administration for their lack of poor planning and an obvious lack of intelligence gathering by our agencies. Rachel Maddow has been sounding the alarm bells for months that this could happen as well as former veterans some of whom are in Congress now and have known of the deliberate efforts to slow down the processing of visas.

      There is little I can do about the crisis in Afghanistan. There is also the voter suppression that is going on in our state of Texas already the hardest state to vote in the USA, the mask mandates or lack thereof that are having a severe impact on children as they return to school because our governor would rather pander to Trump voters in exchange for votes... I could go on and on...but it was NOT my intention to go there that is why I quit blogging...oh well I slipped!

      I am an INDEPENDENT, my vote went to President Biden as there is no way our nation could have stood another four years of the prior fellow. I like you Bigfoot so we will just have to agree to disagree.


  9. Yes - very troubling and you are not alone- I believe the morally corrupt Q-tRumplican extremist cult politicians will be dealt with effectively during the next election cycle- Stay positive and keep the faith Ms.Belinda.

    1. It is hard to stay positive Mr. Souze when in my state of Texas the GOP has just made it harder for regular citizens to vote and recently passed a long list of voter suppression bills including giving poll watchers a heck of a lot of power. I refuse to have my vote suppressed and will probably land in jail if one of those poll watchers comes near me!

      The Marjorie Taylor Greene's of the world seem to have more acceptance and followers by the day. Like my late neighbor used to say "the world is going to hell in a hen basket".


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