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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Surge in Covid-19 cases / Laughlin Air Force Base pilot instructor crashes

Just when we had started breathing a bit easier our Covid-19 numbers have started surging again like in most of the nation. This week we had 35 new cases and while they make no reference if any of these are of the Delta variant they have transferred 12 individuals to other hospitals in the interior of the state (San Antonio, Texas).  This brings the total active positive cases in Del Rio and Val Verde County to 84.

Cases are also incrementing in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, México. While our country donated vaccines to México their president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador decided that those should be allocated only to Tijuana, Baja California the largest border in the United States with México and also the most transited border in the world.

Yesterday, thousands showed up starting at 6:00 a.m. to line up to receive their vaccines causing chaos and traffic jams per El Zócalo newspaper.  I am trying to post a picture but my computer is not cooperating so here is the link. https://www.zocalo.com.mx/provoca-caos-vehicular-asistencia-a-vacunacion/

We are so fortunate to have so many vaccine doses in our nation while many countries wish they were as lucky...yet ours go unused.

On a sad note, a Laughlin Air Force Base pilot instructor who was only 34 years old lost his life in an aerial accident. His plane went down in a private ranch 30 miles from Del Rio.


Have you looked up at the sky this evening?  It is a beautiful full moon with an orange tinge.

Good night,  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. So glad you are back from your hiatus.
    That is so alarming with your Covid cases increasing like you said. I am not surprised in the least. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I am glad people in your area are getting vaccinated. The problem is that people think it is a guarantee against catching Covid and stop masking and begin hugging and kissing. Just boggles my brain that people do not educate and protect themselves. Just wanna have FUN.
    I follow Steve Reed's blog, Shadows and Light. His partner Dave is heading for the states to go to a teacher's conference in Texas, a Drum Corp convention in Indianapolis and to see family in Michigan. This just sounds insane to me? But I am the only comment or to say that traveling is a really bad idea.
    We can be Cassandra and wave our arms until we are blue in the face and it only makes others more determined.
    My point in saying this is that a great many will die again and it was mostly preventable. I don't mind dying, but I don't want it to be from stupidity or because I can't handle my own company.
    Sorry for the rant. Stay safe and well my friend.

    1. I totally agree with everything you say.

    2. We were warned when this variant hit India that it was headed this way...we had plenty of time to prepare...yet few people that had not yet been vaccinated heeded the warning.

      While I have never heard of the blog you mention I totally agree with you...this is NOT the time to travel especially going from one continent to another.

      My cousin is in Acapulco right now and when he comes back my uncle will go next. He is aware how I feel about that and there is no sense in me getting irritated with him and having my blood pressure shoot up unnecessarily. They are both grown men and if they want to die so be it. My uncle is fully vaccinated but my cousin only took one dose had a bad reaction and decided not to take the second shot.

      I thought about you when I watched Jeff Bezos go up to space. I had no idea he had that large spread in your hometown. Actually I know very little about him. The last time I was in Van Horn was ages ago. Glad he invested in West Texas.

      Stay safe as well amiga.

  2. There was a moron being interviewed after having covid and said he still wouldn't get the vaccine that its poison, so go ahead and poison everyone around you!

    1. There are so many idiots out there JO. This evening on CNN they interviewed a mother whose 8-year old child got Covid and is not doing well.

      When the reporter asked her if she was going to get vaccinated she said, "No, I don't trust the government." She left the reporter, Anderson Cooper, and I am sure many viewers such as myself speechless.

  3. It's too bad people think that they are invincible against the Virus but now that there are all these new variants there is no excuse then to get the Vaccines.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The sad part is that this is all preventable but unfortunately in the USA it has become political much like the masks.

  4. Good to see you back to posting here...yes, in my little county, with 30,000 population, about 65% eligible still have had the vax. Those above 65 have done better...65%. Anyway, last week, the active cases went from 39 to 103, or thereabouts. And now two in hospital and two more have died. And needlessly. That is the sad part.

    1. Your county is doing much better than mine. While I do not know the breakdown El Zócalo (Ciudad Acuña's newspaper) said that only 50 percent of eligible Val Verde County residents have been vaccinated.

    2. I wrote that wrong. Our overall number of vaccinated is like 35%, (the over 60% is old people who've had it), so you ARE doing better down in Val Verde. You've also got more people, 49,000 google tells me.
      Meanwhile, that is a lovely header photo. The river looks wonderful...clear and running....

    3. Our population numbers have been in question for years. Back when we had a local newspaper, it was reported that there was an undercount in 2010 as well as in the 2020 Census.

      The header picture is of San Felipe Creek that is fed by San Felipe Springs and is the source of our drinking water. It also serves as our swimming hole as it meanders through several city parks.

    4. The covid stuff just doesn't get better and people aren't paying attention or doing anything about it, like get vaccinated. So. What we can do is what we've done all along...wash hands, mask up, and stay away from crowds. Sooo boring. But YOU can go to San Felip springs. I"d love to see a clear running river. The good news is, avocados have somehow gotten cheaper and better quality, so I won't horrify you with a price like I did last time. Bad news is, I understand from what I have read that the narcos took over what they could in Mexico a few years ago, and maybe they have modified their marketing. I love Mexico, and the news always makes me so sad.

    5. We have done all we could to stay safe but unless people decide to do the right thing and get vaccinated, we will have new variants and will have to live with this virus for years to come.

      I am too old to get in the water of San Felipe Creek plus it is too cold for me. It reminds me a lot of Barton Springs in Austin, where we lived before moving to Del Rio :-(

      The reality is that the Mexican government has lost the ability to govern in many states in Mexico and organized crime are the ones who govern by putting in place corrupt politicians and government officials who do what they want.

      They interviewed an avocado farmer who had reached the border with his family and was seeking asylum. Organized crime kept on asking more and more money to let them operate and when they could no longer pay the exhorbitant amounts they burnt down his distribution center and took his 18 wheelers that he used to move his avocados to market. Not to mention taking his house and lands.

      It is so sad to see how corrupt the authorities are and the current president favorite phrase of "Abrazos no Balazos" which translates to "hugs not bullets" is a stupid strategy almost as stupid as he is.

    6. Yes. Awful. A lot of people had high hopes for AMLO...but it just gets worse. Meanwhile, I would just LOOK at the water....not likely to risk busting my butt at my age by wading around in a clear, cold running river. Oh wait, maybe I would.

    7. JudithK, it is NOT a river...it is a creek!


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