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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis / Ollie's / Domino's

Finally no strong winds last night but I still struggled to fall asleep. Went outside early to feed the cats and put out the trash. I honestly have no idea where my day goes as before I knew it...it was 3:30 p.m. the winds had once again started and I had not gotten ready to run errands.

For those new to my blog, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis on both feet last year. It is an extremely painful condition, especially on my right foot. There is no cure for it, you can do exercises to alleviate it to some extent though that has not worked well for me. Another treatment requires injections on my feet...that is NOT going to happen!

Ollie's is a discount store that opened last year it carries items to deal with this malady at much cheaper prices than Walmart or HEB.  Ollie's buys in bulk from other stores that are going out of business or directly from manufacturers and passes the savings to their customers.

I was lucky to find the last night support for my condition at the very affordable price of $3.99...

Picked up a couple of other items before they sell out including a wonderful body lotion that smells divine and hydrates my skin. Ollie's also carries a large selection of As Seen On TV products.

I was starving to death so I stopped at Domino's to buy my favorite cheat on my diet food....PIZZA!

I am happy to report that it was delicious!!! 😋

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid

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  1. Please let me know how the Night Support works for you. I have had the injections in both feet, but it doesn't seem to last long and it's very painful.

    1. Razor, I will do an update on the night support soon. I certainly have my hopes pinned on this as I have ruled out the injections.

  2. I know the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. The cause was wearing Work Boots that didn't have proper arch support and standing/walking on hard surfaces (Concrete Floors/Metal Platforms) most of the time. The specialist used a small handheld device (mini-jackhammer) on my heals that pulsed around a Hundred Beats a minute. It caused microscopic tears in the tendon thus allowing it to stretch. After Ten Treatments it felt good. They also added Orthotics that caused more pain then anything else. I found over the counter shoe inserts that give good Arch Support work better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your new device.

    It's about time.

    1. I had never heard of Plantar Fasciitis until I was diagnosed with it and come to find out that many of my friends and even neighbors also suffer from it.

      I do not think I would like the mini-jackhammer treatment either. I do use over-the-counter shoe inserts (which are also cheaper at Ollie's). While they offer some relief when I use them during the daytime the sharpest pain is when I get up at night to go to the bathroom after they have been resting.

  3. I sure hope that night brace works for you. And what a great price!
    top off my gas tank only needed 1/4 of a tank 7.852 gl. $35.33 guess I will be doing local camping and that will be short lived when the temps rise.

    1. I sure hope it works too JO because the pain can be acute at times but if it doesn't, at least I won't be out of too much money.

      Yesterday I drove the back way into town so I do not know how much gasoline is going for in Del Rio but I know in your town it is high because of the snowbirds.

      Have a great time camping, I look forward to your pictures upon your return.

  4. Yes, I echo the others in hoping the night brace works and getting out of bed isn't an agonizing experience any more.
    Yes, tired of the wind here too. We've had fires, and tomorrow's forecast says wind will cause a red flag warning. The humidity here is 8% at the moment. I have never seen it so low.

    1. As the famous quote attributed to Bette Davis..."Old age is no place for sissies"...I am quickly going to hell in a handbasket :-(

      Watched the afternoon news and was shocked that our humidity level was only 10% which like in your hometown, I have never seen this low in Del Rio.


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