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Friday, April 4, 2014

Derksen Portable Buildings - Uvalde location

About two months ago, I went to check out the Derksen Portable Buildings lot in Del Rio, only to find that it was no longer there.  Called the number that was on one of the pictures I took of the solar cabin.  A new employee answered the phone and said the guy no longer worked for the company.  Upon inquiring about the location of the solar cabin she informed me that she was now living in it at the Cotulla, Texas Derksen lot location.  Here is a link to the solar cabin post http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-solar-cabin.html
Since they no longer plan to have a presence in Del Rio...if I decide to finally buy a shed or a small cabin...I will have to pay transportation costs from the place that builds them in Uvalde, Texas.  Back in October of last year I made a trip to that city and found that their inventory was running low and it appears to still be the case. The oil boom in the area has also driven up the price. The cabin above was the only small cabin on their lot but I do not really need a porch would much rather have that square footage inside the cabin...I did not like the price either.

I did like this shed and the fact that it has two lofts making use of what otherwise would be wasted space was a plus. The price is reasonable but again have to add transportation cost to Del Rio.

They also had this building but I did not like it either...again they have very little inventory.

Mother wants to re-build the cinder block fence that collapsed a couple of years back when we got 6.5 inches of rain in one night.  If she does, then I will have no way of being able to get the building inside of her property as the gate is too small.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. There are a lot of outfits that do metal sheds, carports, storage sheds etc and send a crew to build on your lot for about the same $$ as these wooden sheds. Of course you can't pick them up and move them to the desert. And you'd have to have a slab to build on. Just FYI.

    Take care maam

    1. Hi Bigfoot! The only outfit in town that will come build a shed or other buildings on your lot is Tuff Shed. They are based out of Home Depot here in Del Rio but their price is double what Derksen buildings sell for.

      The shed in my house in Houston was put together in my backyard by Tuff Shed as well and it did not require a slab. The Derksen buildings don't either.

  2. Why do u want one? Space? Just curious.

    1. I would like a shed so I can bring down stuff from my house in Houston. Mother's house is fairly small and I have a ton of boxes that I brought down after thieves broke into my house, so space is tight.

      If the price was right...I would prefer a small cabin so I can get a feel for what it will be like living in one when I finally make my move to Terlingua.

  3. I have long been interested in tiny houses, and am on a mailing list that comes out once a week featuring different styles, costs, etc. As for the two lofts, they could be very useful for storage of things you don't need often, but most tiny houses use the loft for sleeping space. I've decided I could never sleep in a loft because the ladder is usually close to straight up and down, and I'd end up breaking my neck. I think they'd be fine for people in their 20's & 30's! It's amazing how many people build their own, sometimes using recycled materials they pick up for next to nothing, and end up with beautiful tiny houses. Also, many of them are built onto a trailer such as you can buy from Harbor Freight - like a mobile home they can be moved, which in most states means that you don't have to meet building codes because it is considered a mobile home, and you don't need a slab foundation. Please post more about it if you are considering something like that. Also, if you just have one source to buy one in your area, you could consider buying from another location and having it moved to your space. I think it is such a great concept and if I had the opportunity I would do it in a heartbeat.

    1. I too am very interested in tiny houses. I have watched countless hours of YouTube videos of people that have built their own like you mention on the bed of a trailer and move them around. I think it is a great concept and if I were younger and had building skills or a tall weathered cowboy to help me build it, I would go that route.

      The shed I need mostly like I mentioned on my reply to Trouble, to put all the stuff from my house in Houston. No sleeping on the loft for this gal...like yourself would probably wind up breaking my neck :-(

      When I finally move to Terlingua I would like to buy a small cabin. In Terlingua they have a Derksen dealer and they are selling like hotcakes.

  4. We ended up being pretty happy with our TuffShed (through Home Depot) installation but I do agree that if you can get similar quality for less money, that's the ticket.

    When we were at Home Depot looking at the shed models, we actually had people approach us with business cards basically offering to come and build the same shed for a lot less. I have a friend who was approached the same way, and he took them up on it and got a really nice, customized shed for a lot less than he would have spent. Of course, in our case, we wanted to take advantage of the 6 month no-interest credit and I doubt the guys hanging out in the parking lot at Home Depot offer that.

    I too am fascinated by the idea of using one of these sheds as a little cabin. Putting it on a trailer frame seems like an even better idea. Great topic.

    1. I loved how your Man Cave turned out Dave! TuffShed does good work, I had them built my shed in Houston.

      I would welcome someone to approach me offering to build the shed or the cabin at a cheaper price but that is not the case here in the Del Rio store. I think Derksen must of move out because there was not enough demand.

      I little cabin on wheels would be absolutely fabulous!

    2. Meant to say " A little cabin on wheels would be absolutely fabulous!"

      Me and my typos :-(

  5. Nice to see a portable shed. But this shed you can't move to any place as you want. So instead of ordering and paying the transport charges you can make use or woods to be done. This may be worthful than the portable shed!

  6. Hi Weekend-Windup! I am not sure I am understanding what you are saying?

    These building are moved via a trailer to wherever you want. I would like to have them deliver it to my mother's house where it will stay permanently.

    I would like a cabin, but that will be for my future home in Terlingua. I will buy it from the Derksen dealer in that city when the time comes.

    The portable shed is not in my plans.


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