Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Idiots...that is all I can label them!

I can not believe with all the experience under my belt...that I could have actually forgotten that I needed a doctor's order to have blood work performed at our local hospital.

When does it stop being CRS ( Can't Remember Shit) and actually become stupidity on my part? Close to the hospital this small detail came to light.  Unfortunately, had to turn around and go back home to retrieve said order.

I have a doctor's appointment next week and hopefully I will have good results.  I have  been faithful to my diet and other doctor's recommendations. I hope that I can eliminate some, or a large part of the medications...we will see :-(

I have been running errands non-stop since Monday.  This morning I finally made it to the Toyota dealership to have my Corolla serviced.

Had to contact the surgery coordinator at the cataract doctor's office.  Why do I have to deal with all these incompetent idiots?  They have never sent the prescription they were supposed to, to HEB Pharmacy...nor have they returned my calls or answered the e-mail's I have sent them.

This doctor came highly recommended by another eye specialist in San Antonio.  Unfortunately, I don't think I could do the same.  Idiots...that is all I can label them!  Not the doctor himself but his staff....ultimately it reflects on his practice.

Would love to mention the name of said practice, but I can not put my mother's surgery in jeopardy but I will do a review of them later.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I am heading in to the doc's this morning for blood tests. Don't know why, been there done that with a blood doctor that he sent me to last year. The results are I am dying. So, until then, I want to live my happy life without the hassle of those docs. Seems to me they just want "mo money". Make the best of it, smile and bear it.

    1. Unfortunately doctors are a necessary evil :(


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