Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Camping along the banks of San Felipe Creek

I had intended to stay home but remembered that during the Easter weekend camping is allowed in area parks along the banks of San Felipe Creek (the source of our local drinking water supply), so dragged mother along (she does not care for camping) and off we went.

I like seeing families with their kids camping and having a good time.  It will make for some great memories and I am sure these kids will keep the tradition going with their own families.

I would love to post the pictures I took today but for some reason, I am not able to access them from this computer...where is my TWC (tall weathered cowboy) who is computer savvy?

I am going to try to upload them to my other computer and see how that goes...:-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

Glad we were able to get a win tonight but can not help but remember how badly we beat the Clippers on the first game and then they came back and blew us out of the water.

That is why I am keeping a close eye on them and was glad they got beat by the Utah Jazz tonight :)


  1. That park looks like a great place to camp and I agree that the kids will remember that for their lifetimes. I hope your Mother enjoys it once she gets there.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I am adopted as mother and I are polar opposites. She said to me "why do you always bring me here, it's the same thing every year!".

  2. Glad you were the conquerer and got the photos posted. Thanks.

  3. Replies
    1. It was great game last night. I am a little worried though that the Grizzlies will be more physical than they have been these past two games and that Kawhi or another key player will get hurt.

  4. Thanks for having the patience to upload all the pictures of the creek. It’s so lovely – and it’s even more lovely of the people of Del Rio to make an annual tradition of offering free camping to families along its banks.

    Ya know, especially since the mishaps your menagerie has endured the last year, I’m thinking maybe you need to revise your search. Instead of a TWC, I think you should probably be keeping your eyes open for a TWV – a tall weathered veterinarian!

    Happy Easter everyone and, speaking of tall weathered menfolk, GO SPURS!

    1. Actually the City of Del Rio followed the lead of the City of San Antonio who for decades has allowed families to camp out at certain city parks.

      Lol, on the TWV...actually my TWC can have any profession...at this stage of the game the eligible pool gets smaller :-(

      Leilani, I thought you were a Rockets fan.

  5. Ha! I've always had split Texas loyalties. (Never got into the Mavs, though). I was a big fan of the Spurs during the David Robinson+Tim Duncan Twin Tower years & would root for them over the Rockets whenever they met on the court.

    SA's just a classier team, their coach is the best, I liked that they had players from all over the world, and they all seemed to be good boys whose mamas raised them right. Also they were great citizens of SA, giving back much to the city.They're like a team of grownups in a league of spoiled children.

    After Duncan retired, I can say I've lost a lot of interest in the sport generally, though. It was the close of a wonderful era & it *still* makes me sad.

    But we have you to keep us all posted in the Spurs Corner & that's good enough for me right now. If they get into the semis, though, I will be screaming louder than anyone in SA (but, OK, maybe not Del Rio) I assure you!

    1. I didn't know I had 2 Spursisters! Awesome! I agree with your 2nd paragraph word for word. Well said.


    2. Leilani, I agree with Spursbrother Andy's comment (lol, it sounds as though I was speaking of a church member rather than a fellow Spurs fan)...:D

      I have read many comments by professional sports writers but the second paragraph of your take of our Spurs is probably the most accurate and best articulated one.

      If I was only able to maneuver my way around social media I would post it in one of the many Spurs social sites.


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