Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bailing water

It got very dark around two o'clock this afternoon, it looked more like 8:00 p.m.  It did not take long for it to start raining cats and dogs. The leak in the kitchen that sprung up last year but had not leaked since started up again.  The fireplace another culprit started leaking as well but we keep two containers in there in case it rains and we are not home.

The thunder and lighting began so I went to my room to watch TV knowing fully well that the signal would go out anytime. I barely slept last night and I got up early this morning, so decided to take a nap. Just then a bolt of lightning hit and the rain came down even harder. Decided to go check the leaks and then went to what was originally a reading room for my father but that since his passing has become a catch all room.

All of a sudden I see water on the floor, lots of water but this room has never had a leak and I do not see one in the ceiling.  Then I see that the water is coming in through the window.  I panicked trying to think what exactly I had in the boxes that were getting wet.  Where are the towels? Oh yeah, they are in the trunk of my car in the garage. I then accidentally tripped over a bag of horse pine pellets I had forgotten I had. If you are not familiar with horse pine pellets it is used to make the chore of cleaning stables easier.  I truly believe my dad had a hand in me stumbling into it. I spread it around and the water was easily absorbed.

I went outside and started bailing water to keep additional water from coming in. The rain was cold so I came inside threw on a heavy sweatshirt and put on my rubber boots. I was soaked from head to toe when I finished but felt a sense of accomplishment to have adverted a tragedy, well at least a tragedy in my book.

Three hours later it began to rain again!  The windows are almost floor to ceiling and this had never happened before. Tomorrow I am going to buy some sand and some more horse pine pellets. It is almost 2:00 a.m. but I am afraid to go to sleep.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

Who would have thought that the second oldest player in the NBA, Manu Ginobili would be the highest scoring Spurs in Game 3?  I love you Manu, I have finally come to terms with Game 6 and 7 of the 2013 Finals.

If our luck was not bad enough we lose another player in David Lee :-(


  1. Wow, I hope you're ok & the leak didn't damage anything important!

  2. I have had leaks in my house from several sources in the past, so this year when we had all the rains I continually went around checking to see if water was getting in. Fortunately I didn't notice any, but there are signs of previous water damage in just about every room.

    1. Mom's house needs a lot of TLC. The kitchen and reading room were later additions done by the drunkard son of the original builder.

  3. I sure hope you can get the leaks fixed before to much damage is done. Those pellets sound like a good idea.

    1. It seems like just when I save up enough to do one project something with more priority comes up...like the leaks...so much for ever getting Terlita (my camping van) fixed :(


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