Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Expensive medication / Spurs rose colored glasses

It has been in the 90's for the past couple of days. Have not turned on the A/C because mother has been coughing and I do not want her to get sick.  At night I open the windows and close them in the morning so the house stays cool.  It helps that we have several shade trees and strong winds that do not seem to want to subside.

Got up early so I could go pick up some medication at HEB. Last week the doctor ordered an eye ointment but insurance would not pay for it, asked how much it would cost if she paid for it...$240.00 he said...called the eye doctor back and asked him if he could prescribe a more affordable medication.  He did so Thursday and HEB never filled it. Today I went to see why and the pharmacist said she could have it ready in an hour and a half.

Not wanting to have to drive back to town went to have breakfast at Chik-Fil-A and took advantage of their free WI-FI.as I killed time. The first and only time I have been to this fast food chain was twenty years ago in Houston.  I had no idea they had a children entertainment area like McDonald's. There were a lot of screaming kids, do not think I will be back unless I use the drive-thru window.

Gasoline prices have gone down some. Stripes was selling regular unleaded for $2.04 per gallon if you paid with their credit card or $2.07 if you paid with cash or another credit card.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

I am so sick and tired of national media disrespecting the Spurs.  All I heard after the game Thursday night and all day Friday had to do with Harden. Not a single sports show or sports analyst gave the Spurs any credit for having won without two key players and on the road.

No one is giving us any chance in this series against the Golden State Warriors.  I beg to differ and think we have a good chance. I may be accused of having Spurs rose colored glasses but I take the Spurs in 7.


  1. I got gas at Costco today but left the receipt in my car. I think I paid something like $2.47 a gal, but we have the summer formulation. They could have waited a few more weeks because we won't have summer weather until the end of May!

    I think pharmaceutical companies are absolute robbers when it comes to what they charge for prescriptions. My insurance pays for most of mine although the copays have gone up, I think. I only have prescription eyedrops that I fill regularly and just hope I don't need anything else for a while.

    1. Luckily she has insurance but imagine people like me who do not. The prices are just outrageous but pharmaceutical companies claim they spend millions on research.

    2. Can you buy meds in Mexico?

    3. Rob are you refering to me or my Mom? Since I am not sure I will answer both.

      If a medication has a high cost in the US I will go to a Mexican physician and have him give me a prescription for it. I have been lucky that the medications my US doctor has prescribed have been covered in the 90 day supply formulary and only cost from $6.00 to $20.00

      Her optometrist is totally opposed to his patients buying any kind of medication in Mexico. Now that everything is done electronically I never get a prescription it goes directly to the pharmacy.

      Her eye ointment was a name brand, so he authorized a generic. Mexican opthalmologists rely on American products and or medications. The only Mexican opthalmologist I trust is in Piedras Negras across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas an hour away.

    4. I was curious in general.
      I've often heard that meds were much cheaper in Mexico & Canada. You're right there & seem to go into Mexico for shopping when needed anyway.

      Tapping your experience for my continuing education in international shopping seemed like a fine idea at the time! :-)

    5. You are certainly correct in that medications are cheaper in Mexico and Canada. I find that the majority of the people that fill them in Mexico, it is for medications they have been taking for a long time.

      After I lost my medical coverage I found my blood pressure medication too high to buy in the US (over a hundred dollars) at the time it was still patented but I could buy it for I think $55.00 USD in Ciudad Acuña. Ten years later I now buy the generic version.

      The 90 day drug formulary that many stores like Walmart, HEB, Walgreens, CVS, Target and others have in place comes out the same or cheaper than me having to go to Mexico to purchase.

  2. Dirty dirty dirty - nobody wants to say it but I will. ZZP should be suspended but the media darling Warriors might not make it to the Finals if they did. Pop's rant yesterday may be enough to juice up our SPURS against all odds. In Pop I Trust but I wish he'd put Dedmon in against ZZP. GO SPURS GO

    1. I have been disgusted since Sunday! Of course he is a dirty player and I am glad Charles Barkley and Shaq while not calling him dirty did agree it was a dirty play as well as other sports analyst.

      I clearly remember when Zaza tried to break Kawhi's arm last year when he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks. He landed in a great place with the poster child for dirty players Draymond Green.

      I understand that even if the league had reviewed it, they could only give him a flagrant 1 or 2 at the most. The league has chosen not to review it and that does not suit well with me.

      Zaza is not that good of a player even if he got suspended to cause the Warriors to lose, but he can certainly do the dirty work for them. I would not put it past Draymond to have told him to take Kawhi out when he saw they were on their way to losing game 1.

      I hope Pop's rant has the same effect as Coach David Fizdale's of the Memphis Grizzlies did at that time on his team.


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