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Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wine and Beer tasting at HEB

Noticed that the temperature inside the house was on the warm side.  Went to check the thermostat and it was 84 degrees when I had it set on 78.  Then this little thing was flashing at me and I had no idea why.  This A/C unit is only 2 years old so I did not expect it to break down so soon :-(

Called the A/C people and the lady told me that the flashing light was to alert me that the batteries on the thermostat were low.  She told me to just yank off the cover and replace the batteries...glad I did not do that!  After I got my step stool saw that there was a battery compartment that I could not see since I am short....see why I need a tall weathered cowboy?

Put in fresh batteries of two different brands but nothing worked so called her back and asked her to send me a technician.  They told me it would be late in the afternoon before they could get to me but they made it sooner and it was the actual owner and his worker.  A part will have to be ordered and wont arrive until Wednesday but they fixed it so that we still have a working A/C.

Needed to go pick up a prescription at HEB Pharmacy and was dreading it since it was Friday afternoon and the start of the Labor Day weekend.  Was pleasantly surprised to find only one person in line but as my luck would have it...it was one of mother's chatty friends!  Oh well...

On two separate occasions I have seen a wine and Frio Light beer (HEB's house brand) tasting set-up but was too busy to stop.  Today I decided a taste sample was in order.  Don't for a minute think that you get a nice glass of wine...it is a little plastic cup the size of a ketchup paper container at a fast food chain but smaller.

The wine was a red California table wine called Plush and quite good.  I bought a bottle for steak night in Terlingua.  I had to ask her if I could also sample some Frio Light which she took out of some cold compartment which made it taste better.  What beer does not taste good cold?  Think I need at least a six pack before I can give a fair review.  If some HEB executive is googling Frio Light reviews...I could use a couple of cases of complimentary beer for the Terlingua Chili Cook-off.  Drop me an e-mail at terlinguadreams@gmail.com

I told her it tasted a bit like Keystone Light.  She told me samplers had mentioned that it tasted like Natural Light, Keystone Light and even Coors Light..........BLASPHEMY!!!!  I had to correct her on the spot that it did NOT taste like Coors Light! 

As you know my beer of choice is Coors Light but if finances are low I will go with the more budget friendly Natural Light for my trips to Southern Brewster County which is only two months away :D

Cyber Journal Note:

Mother's neighbor Joe mowed along the outside fence line and I thanked him.  Said it benefits both of us as he also parks his cars there.  Real sweet guy.


  1. Glad ur back. No news about Walter?

  2. We keep seeing that Frio Light at our HEB in Lytle. I spent years drinking Milwaukee's Best Light, which a friend whose grandfather worked for Miller swore was Miller Light in a cheaper package. I decided one day that I just wasn't drinking canned beer anymore and have never seen MBL in bottles. Anyway, my wife keeps telling me if I drink too much beer, I'm going to have to start buying this Frio Light since it is cheaper. Even if it comes in bottles, I think I'll pass.

    1. Dave, I had never heard that about Milwaukee's Best Light. During my college days I drank just about every brand of beer ever made specially the cheap ones.

      What gets my goat is that Natural Light 30 packs could be had at HEB for between $13.99 to $16.99 depending if they were on special or not. Since the introduction of their brand Frio Light they upped the price of Natural Light so people would give their brand a try at $15.97 a 30 pack.

      I think if they want people to try their beer they need to reduce the price to between $13.99 to $14.99 and leave the price of the other beers that are popular due to their budget friendly price alone.

      I, on the other hand prefer cans to bottles. Easier to recycle and no big deal if I drop it. Still want to try Frio Light one of these days just for the hell of it.

    2. You buy the 30 pack and send me one; I'll pour it in a nice chilled mug!


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